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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

New Document pack to Join GCN

Here is a new document pack for joining the GCN. This will give you all of the information you need to do the job to Join our system and become part of a grat groupof wargames groups around the country.

Click the link below to get the file required.


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Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Warpath is the new sci-fi game and miniatures range from Mantic Games and is released on the 11th November. To celebrate, they are holding a party and you’re all invited!
Held on the 12th November at the offices in Nottingham, they’ve got loads of stuff going on including the first chance to get your hands on the complete Warpath range.
Seminars with Ronnie and Alessio, including a look in the “Secret Room” and the upcoming releases within, learn to paint armies quickly with Golem painting studio, play the new and updated Warpath rules with Mantic miniatures for the first time and talk to industry guests!
Anyone who comes through the door will get a goodie bag and are offering a special Clubs pack for all GCN clubs that pick-up one of Club Tickets on the website, including an events poster, tournament pack and some free models for your club!

Two clubs tickets – a small club ticket allowing 5-10 through the door, and a large club for between 10-20 people. GCN members can use a code (contact Dan/Stuart/Anthony) at the checkout to get 15% off your club ticket too! here

Doors are always open to the community so why not pop over on the 12th November and hang out with the Mantic Team and see the new Warpath miniatures in the flesh for the first time.
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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Knightwatch copies

In order for you to access copies of Kinghtwatch please click on the link below and download as you please.

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Friday, 7 October 2011

Out and about once again.

Its been a little while since my last Blog, I got rather busy for a while helping Battlefront Miniatures get ready for their first Official European Flames of War Grand Tournament, the family even managed a week away in Scotland mid September, which was a nice break. We are currently having some building work done to the house, which means that I have had to spend most of my time at home over the last two weeks, we still have about three weeks of work, depending on weather of course, but I have managed to get loads of painting done and at least manged to get out to a couple of show's. Although the mess is starting to get on the nerves, thank goodness is keeping fine, we would be just one large mud bath should it throw it down.

The Flames of war GT went very well, held over the weekend of 3rd and 4th September, 102 tickets were sold, not bad for the first one, 98 actual attendees over the weekend, not too bad as you usually expect to lose a few players for various reasons. I along with Steve Nolan went down to Battlefronts Nottingham warehouse on the Friday lunchtime of the 3rd Sept to load up and then onto the university to help set up the tables for the weekend. Steve, Laurie Stewart and myself were assisting with the running of the GT over the weekend, and I even got to play two games as 'player x' on the Sunday.

I managed a visit to Maelstrom Games on Sunday 17th September where Tempus Fugitives were holding another of their WFB campaign weekends, I try to get to each of the Fugitives events to offer a little morale support, in fact they have another coming up on 22nd and 23rd October, a 40K campaign weekend, The Age of the Emperor, which looks like its going to be a good event. I shall be there for a couple of hours on the Saturday afternoon as COGS has organised a small interclub event with 'KiA' Kirby in Ashfield gaming club and it is only 5 minutes away form Maelstrom Games, so I can get to both, then back on the Sunday afternoon for the last couple of hours.

The weekend after, 25th September saw Games Workshops Games Day upon us once again, I was there on the GCN stand along with the rest of the GCN council. It was a very busy show, (see Games Workshop's web site and Youtube for more show details and Golden Demon entries etc). I did not buy much, a couple of new books from Black Library and the BluRay version of the Ultramarine movie, however it seemed to be a very good show.

If I am completely honest I was totally gobsmacked at how busy we ended up being on the GCN stand, I was quite hoarse and very nearly losing my voice late afternoon with all the talking. We had a load of new club inquiries and a few old GCN clubs wanting to get back into the network, all great news.

I went along to Derby university on the 2nd October to the Old Glory World Wargames show held at Derby university. The show is a full weekend and I was originally supposed to be running a participation game along with a couple of my other COGS club member, however as I had been out for virtually ever Sunday for the previous month I decided that to stop all the 'ear ache' from the wife to only go for a visit on the Sunday. Due to various reasons I had not been able to get to this show since around 2006 so I was well overdue for a visit.

It was a decent show, it had some good games on offer and a good number of traders, I went with a shopping list of FoW Blisters, and managed to get everything I wanted along with some other bits and pieces and some really nice bargains on reference books. The only problem with this show is that its the week after Games Day, but that is how it is unfortunately.

Some good news from this show is that I spoke to the editor of Miniature Wargames magazine and they have agreed to have GCN clubs listed in their magazine, so along with White Dwarf, Wargames Illustrated the GCN has club listings in all the major wargames mags in the UK.

While I think about it, some of you may have noticed that the GCN club listing were not in the September or Octobers Wargames illustrated, don't worry we were 'bumped' due to last minute advertising space being required, we should be back in for November all being well.

Oh yes, while on the topic of Wargames Illustrated, I am still waiting for clubs to submit a 'spotlight' article for their club, its a good job I wrote three articles to get us started, had I not done that we would be in the position of not having anything to print, which is not good.

C'mon guy's get those articles to me ASAP, 250 to 300 words about your club, emphasis on the historical side of gaming please, with half a dozen pictures if at all possible.

More from me shortly.......

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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Official UK Malifaux Team Challenge GT - 23rd and 24th June 2012

Hi Ladies and Gents

I appreciate this announcement is quite early, but I want to get you all primed and booked in for this exciting addition to the Calendar

There are no details as yet other than this will be held on Saturday and Sunday 23rd and 24th 2012

It will be help at Maelstrom Games in Mansfield UK.

The cost of this event will be £45 for a Team of Three and will not include food over the weekend. The reason the Teams will consist of Three people is in the hope that most UK clubs will be able to field at least Two Teams!

Payment can be sent via PayPal - neverata@hotmail.com

Details will be added when possible. Who will be crowned the UK Malifaux Team Champions for 2012?!

Any sensible questions will be answered where possible


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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Mantic Tournament

On the 10/11th September 2011, Mantic Games (www.manticgames.com) will be holding their first official tournament at Maelstrom Games. Attendance is by invitation only, and we have 20 tickets for GCN clubs on a first come/ first serve basis.
Entry and food is free, and you are more than welcome to play Kings of War with non-Mantic armies. If you want more details or would like to snap up a ticket, then please contact chris.palmer@manticgames.com.
The Tournament will be played with 1500 point armies using the Kings of War 2nd edition rules and new army lists which we will send you with the tournament pack.
Chris Palmer
Web and Events Co-ordinator
Mantic Games – big armies, huge battles, great prices!
0115 933 8448
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Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Just a quick post to remind people
Less than 5 weeks to go to Games Workshops Games Day 2011 at the NEC at Birmingham
The GCN council will be in attendance at the event so come along to our stand and say Hello, sort out any paper work, talk about what we can do for your club or just chew the fat.

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Monday, 1 August 2011

Iron Cross painting competition @ Official Flames of War European Grand Tournament .

The weekend of the 3rd - 4th of September sees the first Official Flames of War European Grand Tournament taking place at Nottingham University. With places for 120 gamers this event will be the largest tournament for Flames of War in the World so far. However this is not just a tournament, we will also be holding the first European Iron Cross Painting competition, and a display featuring some of the upcoming releases for Flames of War and a ‘sneak peak’ look at some other exciting forthcoming projects.
Places for the GT are going fast, however we do still have a few tickets remaining if you are interested and want to test your tactical genius against other gamers.
Tickets are available through the web store on the following link:

Or if you think you can wield your paint brush like a true master, then why not bring along your best painted Flames of War miniatures and enter the Iron Cross painting competition, a list of categories can be found on this link:
If you find yourself in Nottingham and at a loose end or are looking for something to do over the weekend of the 3rd – 4th September, then why not pop over and have a look at the tournament and the all the other cool stuff we have going on.
If you have any questions or want some more information then contact Gareth at Battlefront Miniatures: gareth.richards@battlefront.co.nz
We look forward to seeing you over the weekend.
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Sunday, 24 July 2011

RANK UP 2011

Bit of blatant pimp here
Bracknell Forest Gamers are proud to announce our Warhammer Fantasy Battle Escalation tourney
17th September 2011
4 Games escalating in size (think our Escalation event for WFB :))
£12 per player
events pack

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Monday, 18 July 2011

Festival of History, Kelmarsh Hall.

Sunday 17th July saw me head off to North Northamptonshire to Kelmarsh Hall for the 'Festival of History' organised by English Heritage.

The Festival of History is a large two day event, unfortunately due to my 30th wedding anniversary being on the same weekend, I was not able to get for the entire weekend, so I had to settle to attending on the Sunday.

The GCN council was invited to attend and bring along the GCN stand by one of our member clubs, Pheonix Gaming Club from Rushden in Northamptonshire who have themselves been invited to run participation war games by the event organisers for the last four years. It should be noted that PGC are the only club that the organisers invite to attend and run games.

I was up with the lark at 5.00am, a couple of cups of coffee to wake me up, I set to packing the car, fortunately I did not need to take that much with me, the GCN screen, a pvc banner to drape over the table, a pile of Hammerhead show brochures, (the show brochure has all the GCN clubs listed so is proving very useful to hand out to people), a pile of my business cards, and a copy of White Dwarf and Wargames Illustrated withe the GCN community pages, not forgetting the bag with my large flask of coffee and my lunch. After letting my two Greyhounds out for a quick run round the garden I set off to pick up one of my fellow COGS club mates, Jason South who was coming with me for the day.

I had to nip over the other side of Chesterfield to pick Jason up, but at that time in the morning their is no traffic and Jason was duly picked up for just after 6.00am and off we headed for the M1. According to the route planner I needed to allow about one and a half hours, as it turned out it only took an hour and a 1/4, I had aimed to arrive for between 7.45am and 8.00am, so we arrived a little earlier than planned at just after 7.15am, pity it was not the same for the return trip home, but that's the M1 for you. Parking was fairly easy and we only had a5 minute walk from the field where we needed to park to the war gaming marquee, and although the weather looked pretty bad the rain held off.

We were greeted by Darrell and Carl from PGC, and Dave Wilkin form Bedford Gladiators, who is himself a GCN area rep, were then introduced to the rest of the PGC members who were there, I have to say that we were made very welcome. A table was provided for us and within 10 minutes the GCN stand was set up and ready for business, all we had to do was wait an hour and a 1/2 for the public to come in! A chance then to go and wander around at a slowly awakening camp site, I found the food stalls very easily, I just followed the smell of the cooking bacon and had a bacon cob and a nice mug of coffee, and set off to have a little look around.

I am interested in WW2 armoured vehicles, (heh, you would never have guessed from my Flames of War blogs would you), and found some really nice examples of various vehicles, but what had I forgotten, I left my camera on the table at home, what a plonker!

So back to the war gaming tent as it was starting to rain a little and go and have a chat to the nice guys from Warlord Games who had a trade stand. The war games tent was very close to the main entrance, so when the public was allowed in it got very busy very quickly, it got even busier at just after 10.00am when the heavens opened, which meant that the tent was packed with people either wanting to try out the games or were just interested in have a look as to what was going on. I found to my surprise that I got quite busy very early on in the proceedings with
inquiries about the GCN or people wanting to locate a gaming club in their area, as it turned out the morning flew past.

However I did get the chance to wander around and have a look at some of the games on offer, which were like the festival itself pretty diverse. Pheonix had put on six participation games, pretty much all historical, not surprisingly, apart from Dave Wikin's modern day game using the new 'Force on Force' rules set.

As mentioned there was the 'Force on Force' modern warfare game, IIRC in 20mm scale, a 25/28mm WW2 skirmish level game, a nice little WW2 September 1940 Battle of Britain game using 1/285th scale fighters and bombers, a 28mm Zulu wars game, a 28mm Crusaders game using the new Warlaord Games 'Hail Caesar' rule book and a Roman v Celts/Barbarians game, again in 28mm, again using 'Hail Caesar'. All in all a nice selection of games, unfortunately I did not get to play any of them during the day, well I did get to try out the Battle of Britain game towards the end of the day, which I have to say I really enjoyed.

Jason was keen to try out the 'Hail Caeser' games as I had been telling him about the book, which I had purchased at the Triples show in Sheffield a couple of months earlier, and so off he went while I either dealt with inquiries about the GCN or just generally chatted to people expressing an interest. Jason returned a little while later with his wallet a little lighter, temptation was just too much and he had purchased the 'Hail Caesar' book.

Around 12.00 ish the sun came out and the war game tent went rather quite, so that was an ideal opportunity to go and have a wander around. So Jason and myself spent about 1/2 an hour wandering around all the exhibits and looking at a few of the displays, mind you it started to rain again by 12.30pm so we made our way back the war games tent, but I have to say what I saw was very very impressive, and I regretted not being able to have been there on there Saturday.

The rain brought a large crowd into the tent again and off we went for another couple of hours being really busy, Jason tried out a couple of the other games, however by about 2.15pm the sun had come out again and the tent had gone quite. We were given one of the event time tables and spotted the 15th century jousting that was due to take place in 15 minutes, so being as it was about empty in our tent we made our way past a few gladiators knocking seven bells out of each other, and past a fairly large group of AWI re-enactors going through their drill. We got to the parade ground just as the 'knights' squires were setting some cabbages on poles for the knights to charge past and clobber with their war axes. And onto the main event, five rounds of jousting, really enjoyable and very entertaining, great stuff.

Back to the war games tent, and only just in time, we had been back in the tent less than two minutes when it poured down again, the heavens literally opened, which meant it was going to be busy again, and while not quite as busy as at the previous two sessions I was kept occupied with visitors for the next hour and a half, but as with all show's the time goes too quickly and the attendees either found something else to do/watch or went off home, however I did get to try out the Battle of Britain game at that point, although we did have a surprise, we had just started the play round one when we had to dash outside to see a quite spectacular sight, a dog fight between a ME109 and Spitfire, gripping stuff and not to be missed.

And that was pretty much that, 5.30pm had come round in a flash, the forces of the RAF, (Darrell and myself), had fought yet another attack from the Luftwaffe, (Jason and Chesney form Warlord), time to pack up and go home, although we did have to wait about 3/4 of an hour before we were able to go to the cars to get off of the parking field. Then home as it started to pour down again, as I mentioned earlier on, the trip home took a bit longer than the trip down, over two hours due to an accident near J21 on the M1, but that was the only problem.

Did Jason and myself enjoy the day, yes very much so, and I am looking forward to being able to go back again if we are invited. Granted we only saw a fraction of what was actually on offer, but what we did see was very entertaining or spectacular, and I for one found the day not only to be of interest and entertaining but also very useful for the GCN, there will be a few GCN clubs throughout the UK being contacted by potential new members all being well.

I was very impressed by the level of organization too, it all went extremely efficiently and although compared to previous years the attendance was expected to be down slightly is was still very very busy, and well worth the effort to go along.

I would like to express my thanks to Darrell Lee and Carl King from Pheonix Gaming club, for the invitation and all their assistance, and the rest of the PGC members for making both Jason and myself very welcome.
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Saturday, 9 July 2011


THE GCN Registered Club list has been updated

If you believe your club should / should not be on the list
Please contact Stuart - GCN Club Coordinator stuart.mackanes@gamingclubnetwork.co.uk
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Thursday, 7 July 2011

email update

An update to the current email problem
If you replace the .org in the email address to “.co.uk” the email should find it’s intended addressee

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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Email address bouncing

This is to let you know that at present the current email address for the GCN are not active as we transfer to our new provider
If you need to contact us please do so via this site or our Facebook page

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Monday, 4 July 2011

Battlfront Miniatures, Warlord Games and Mantic.

I have over the last few months mentioned on a few occasions that the GCN has been helping Battlefront Miniatures to organize their first official Flames of War grand tournament.

This is still the very much the case and the GT is not that far away now, set for the weekend of the 3rd and 4th September.

The GCN committed to assisting Battlefront Miniatures late on in 2010 in whatever capacity we could from the first meeting held late last year to the most recent meeting on Thursday 30th June, and we have been very heavily involved in the process. I must stress that we did not volunteer or even offer to actually run the event for Battlefront, rather we offered practical advice, made alternate suggestions to some of their idea's, bounced idea's off of each other, offered man power in the form of people acting as umpires, and generally to assist over the weekend.

We also committed quite heavily to assisting Battlefront in the large task of getting the tables and scenery ready for the event, which although is not a project that is finished, its still very much a WiP, it is progressing very very nicely. However creating 60 tables and all the scenery for that amount of tables does not get completed in a couple of weekends. Personally speaking I have made several trips to the Battlefront offices over the last couple of months to drop off the scenery I have been working on for them and pick up more to bring back to work on. To be honest I have rather enjoyed the process and although there is quite a bit more to do, I am more than happy to have contributed and I look forward to attending the event.

Tickets are selling fast and more than half have already gone, which is pretty good, hopefully it will be a really good weekend and a stepping stone for the GCN to work on more projects with Battlefront in the future.

While Laurie Stewart and myself were in Nottingham, we were asked to visit Warlord Games who are interested in working with the GCN. So after the meeting with Battlefront was finished we nipped over to Games Workshop and ada some lunch in Bugmans Bar. Warlord Games are literally only a five minute drive up the road from GW so thjis worked out very nicely.

We had a very productive meeting with Warlord and are looking to work together more closely exactly what form this takes will be announced in a future blog, but for now its looking very good.

While at Warlord we were asked if we could possibly nip over to Mantic Games as well, so being as we were only ten minutes away duly visited 'Mantic Towers' as their offices are nicknamed and had another very productive meeting.

In short, although I cannot say any more at this point, the GCN will be working more closely in the coming weeks and months with not only Battlefront Miniatures, but with both Warlord Games and Mantic Games as well, more information on what we will be doing with these companies and what promotions will be available will be announced as soon as we are able to tell you.

The GCN will be at the Mantic Games open day at their unit in Bulwell, Nottingham on Saturday 9th July, and I will be at the Festival of History in the gaming marquee with the GCNs Pheonix Gaming Club and Warlord Games on Sunday 17th July.

The future is looking very good, very good indeed.
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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

GCN Informal and formal disciplinary procedures

Here is a quick file showing GCN Informal and formal disciplinary procedures

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Mantic Open Day

On Saturday 9th July, Mantic are holding their second Open Day and have a range of tickets that makes it easy for clubs to attend. With a range of games and activities as well as previews, seminars and the opportunity to find out more about our upcoming sci-fi game Warpath, doors open at 9:30 and the event will be held at Mantic’s new warehouse/office.
The address is: Mantic Games (Camtex House), Greasley Street, Bulwell, Nottingham, NG6 8NG
Tickets start from £5 for an individual but scale up, meaning a large club ticket allows 10-20 people through the doors for just £20. For more information, check out the Mantic website: http://www.manticgames.com/Shop-Home/Open-Day.html
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Thursday, 9 June 2011

GCN Shout

We have had an update that was received “just” after the SHOUT went out
The event is to good to miss off so we are issuing the this Special SHOUT
Thrudball, a not-for-profit Thrud-the-Barbarian themed Bloodbowl tournament in aid of the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation in Bognor Regis.
Entry is £30 NAF / £36 Non NAF including food both days(you can camp at the venue),
As well as 6 rounds of TR120 Bloodbowl there are Thrud Themed Awards and (perhaps) trophies,
A charity Auction with many unique and superb items available, a Wandering Thrud for the non competitive teams giving the opportunity to win FREE "Thrudweizer",
Dockdowl (all-at-sea Bloodbowl) for the bottom four teams,
Evening entertainment including "Most Thrudlike" Talent Contest,
Sponsored Bush Tucker Trial and Make-Frank-Suffer Projectile Weapon "Threndurance" Challenges,
A Game Show called "the Wide Zone" which for litigatory purposes I must reiterate is NOTHING like "the Cube",
The Thrud Gurning Championships, Bloodbowl themed Drinking Games and basically more fun than you can swing an axe at!!
see www.thrudball.com for more details or contact badger via the GCN or NAF sites / Giraffe via talkfantasyfootball...

Shout June
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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Flames of War Official European Grand Tournament.

I am finally able to post information on the first official FoW GT held by Battlefront Miniatures.

The Official Flames of War European Grand Tournament will be held on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th September 2011.

The venue is the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham.

'This 'open' tourney invites Late War Flames Of War gamers from across Europe (and beyond) to take part in two days of battling for the coveted title of 'European Flames Of War Champion'. All results from the competition will be given to HQ Rankings to give us a starting point from which to take the official European FOW tournament scene forward.'

'Residential packages will be available for the weekend, enabling participants to take full advantage of the facilities on offer at one of Nottingham's premier conference centres. Bed, breakfast, lunch and evening meals will be provided, as well as a range of post-gaming activities to keep FOW enthusiasts entertained into the night. Day passes will also be available for non-residence.'

'As well as the tabletop action, the event will also play host to the European Iron Cross Painting Competition, so make sure you bring the best painted minis from your collection along to wow the judges into parting with the various awards on offer for the best painted figures.'

Tickets cost:
£55.00 for event ticket only.
£95.00 for event ticket with accommodation & breakfast included for Saturday.
£135.00 for event ticket with accommodation & breakfast included for Friday and Saturday.

All tickets include lunch on both Saturday and Sunday and an evening meal on Saturday.

Five games using 1750 points of Late War period models, set over two days using five different scenarios, cabinets for display, a chance to purchase a 'limited edition' FoW Indianna Jones (From Raiders of the Lost Ark) set, trade stands and more. Add in the fun and games set for the Saturday evening should make this an unforgettable weekend.

Full advertising of the event from issue 285 of Wargames Illustrated and on the Battlefront Miniatures web site, http://www.flamesofwar.com/ click on the 'community section', then 'events', click on 'Upcoming events in the UK', then scroll down the diary dates.

Add this event to your diary now as this FoW GT is likely to be sold out quite quickly.
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Out and about at show's and event's pt 3 Wales Comiconn.

Sunday 5th June saw us at Wales Comic Con, Glydwr University in Wrexham, North Wales.

My alarm was set for 4.30am, although I was up just before 4.00am. Time for some toast and a couple of mugs of coffee then load the car and go and pick up my assistants for the day, my COGS club mates Martin and Jason. I had arranged to pick up Martin for 5.45am and then onto to Jason for 6.00am and all went as planned. I had used Google maps to plan the route a few weeks earlier and needed to allow just over two hours as I needed to drive up to Stockport and then onto the M60/M56/M53 and down again into North Wales.

All went very well, in fact the trip only took us 1 hour 50 minutes, the only fly in the ointment for the whole day was that I got caught on a speed camera just before Hazel Grove, I was doing 38 mph in what I thought was a 40mph zone, as there were no signs to indicate that I had in fact just left a 40mph zone and was now actually in a 30mph area, bummer. On the return home I double checked and I was correct there are no actual signs to show that you are coming out of a 40 zone to 30 zone and vice versa, apart from the one laying flat on the road that I had not seen as I had obviously been distracted by one of my passengers as I approached that section of road, ah well, in 39 years on the road, this will be the first time I have been caught, up until now I have not even had a parking ticket!

Anyway back to the subject at hand, we turned up at the venue at 8.00am just as the organisers were opening up, not bad timing, we got the car unloaded and took everything into the hall to find our table. A few traders had already set up the previous day and it was easy enough to spot the section allocated to the GCN. We had three 6 x 4 table for the games and a nice large area for the GCN stand, in fact half the space was not needed.

Dan and his crew from Bracknell turned up about 20 minutes after we had arrived, although they had a three hour plus trip so had to get up a fair bit earlier than we did. Or rather half of Dan's contingent turned up, the other car with the 40K game apparently got lost and then ran out of fuel and did not turn up for about another hour and a half, however all was good and they got there safely.

My Lord of the Rings game was duly set and I gave Martin and Jason a brief of how the scenario should work, by this time all the traders and some of the guest signings were in the venue. A lot of the guest signings were not as previously advertised, this is quite a normal occurrence as 'proper' workand/or real life has to take prioity over turning up to sign some 10x8 inch photographs.

We had time to have a wander around before the doors opened to the public, it was not a massive event so it did not take long to get round, there was quite a large crowd building up outside though. and as always I did find something non gaming wise to spend a bit of my cash on, ain't it always the case.

My hobbies are wide and varied and are more than just war gaming related and I found a nice cheap 12 inch Doctor Who figurine to fill the gap in my 12 inch Doctor Who collection. I also went to get 10 x 8 signed photo's of a couple of the guests. Norman Lovett, Holly from Red Dwarf and Chris Barrie, Arnold Rimmer from Red Dwarf, which boosted my 10 x 8 inch autograph collection nicely, I had already got the rest the Red Dwarf cast autograph's from Memorabilia show's several years ago.

At 10.00am the doors opened and the crowd poured in, I was pleasantly surprised by the numbers in attendance, I had not expected quite so many people. 20 minutes later we had our first victims of the day to play the LotR game and off we went.

The game went nicely and as planned, even as three of the people playing had never actually played then game before it went quite smoothly, the fist game saw the Good side get a minor victory. The game ran for just under two hours, so this was a good time to stop and have some lunch and another look around.

Halfway through one of my baguettes Dan brought over a young couple who wanted a very brief and basic run through the rules, so armed with a couple of dice, a tape measure and a few models each they were given the basics of the LotR system, then back to my lunch.

It went quiet for a while as the guest held their seminars and talks, however we had a couple more people interested in playing the game again, once more we had two complete novices to the system, but as with the first game it all went very well and we had finished once again in just under two hours. This time there was no winner as non of the objectives had been met, although it was a very close run game, the Evil side very nearly won a major victory, but ended up with a draw.

All the people who took part said that they had had fun playing and said that they had really enjoyed the experience which is always nice to hear. The 40K and WFB games had people playing them so the GCN being in attendance at the show seemed to go down very well and added a new dimension to the proceeding. Had we been aware that we had so much free space Dan had mentioned that we could have also put on a couple of demo games of Bloodbowl too.

4.15 saw the con coming to an end, which allowed us to have a leisurely packing away session, we were all packed up and away for 5.00pm. I dropped off my two helpers and was home for 7.15pm, and everything packed away at this end and able to put my feet up by 8.00pm.

All in all a good day out, the event did seem a strange one to have the GCN attending at first glance, being a comic con with associated memorabilia, but we were well received and it all went very well, and one of the dealers had a small selection of GW boxed games, not sure if they sold any of them but it was the first them the organisers had made this type of move, maybe next year they may invite a more dedicated model soldier trader.

I have to say thanks to Dan for supplying me with all the coffee I had all day, well he actually brought one each for the three of us but Martin and Jason only drink tea, so I ended up with the packets for the drinks machine, which was good as it kept me awake all day.

Not too sure about Dan's comment in his blog about the rest of them seeing if I would stay awake or not, which I did mange to do BTW.

There are pictures of the event on Facebook and on the web site shortly if you want to check it out.

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Friday, 3 June 2011

Comic Con Wales

Another early start (3:00 am)

I must be made !


For all that don’t know the GCN has been invited to attend the Comic Con show in Wales on Sunday the 6th June

It’s ten years since the Lord of the Rings – fellowship of the rings film was released and to commemorate this Games Workshop has given the organiser some prizes to give out on the day

WE as a group will be running LoTR games and showing of over GW systems at the show betting on how long Tony will stay awake !


If you in the are pop in and say hello


with regards


Daniel Currey

07951 816613   

GCN Representative Thames Valley - Southern England

Promotions Officer for GCN




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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Out and about at show's and event's pt 2 Partizan.

Well that's three weekends down for my attending events and show's, just one more to go next weekend in this batch at Wales Comicon in Wrexhan North Wales, more about that event next week though.

Sunday 29th May saw me at the first of the years two Partizan show's held at Kelaham Hall in Newark, Nottinghamshire, the same venue as GCN/COGS holds their Hammerhead show.

I was at Partizan running a Flames of War demo game with the assistance of Martin one of my fellow COGS members who came along to help me out. The Partizan show hosted by Newark Irregulars is more a historical based gaming show than our own Hammerhead show, however its still a great show to attend and I have been going to this show for many years now.

Martin and myself arrived at Kelham around 8.15am to assist Matt from Wargames Inc to get all his stock in the building and set up ready for opening time and to get the game set up and ready of course. I had time for a quick look around the show before opening and so Martin and myself headed off to the bar to get our complimentary cup of coffee and a bacon roll for breakfast.

While we were over on that side of the building we took the liberty to look around the dome at some of the traders who had finished their set up. Which meant that money had to be handed over, well it would not be a proper war games show unless you spend money before all the paying visitors get there. I ended up buying two nice 15mm western European buildings from 'Hovels', and then sucummbed to a painted pack of 15mm river sections along with some loose curved and additional sections to go with the pack from 'Coritani', did my purchases stop there, not at all, as I also managed to come away with a pack and additional loose sections of 15mm road, although this time I went for the unpainted versions as I considered the road on the painted versions just too dark for my personal taste, granted it had the benefit of saving my money, but I now have about six feet of road to paint up.

Also purchased were two bottles of Valajo acrylic paint as I was getting low on a couple of colours, and I just had to buy a few more blisters of Mid/Late war FoW German Tank Hunters to fill the gaps in my army list. This time I went for three Marder 2s and two Marder 3Ms, now apart from some aircraft this is definitely my last German army purchase, mind you I said that last month too!

While we were still setting up the game just before 10.00am Dave Wilkin from the GCN Bedford Gladiators club came and said hello, that was nice surprise, we only had time for a brief chat but it was nice to see Dave once again.

We got the first game rolling for 10.30am and soon had a couple of attendees wanting to try out the game. We were doing a scenario set late war with about 900 points per side. Martin was using models supplied by Matt, a British tank company with a selection of platoons made up of Sherman Vs, Sherman Firefly's and Universal carriers. I was fielding a German tank company made up of platoons of Panzer 4s, Stug Gs, an armoured Grenadier platoon and a pair of 3.7cm AA guns.

All in all a good set of games, we had about eight people play in total up to about 2.00pm when it went really quiet, I even managed to get Andy Joyce, recently ex Games Workshop events manager, who had popped in to say hello, to play one round using my Germans.

We had another wander around the show after we stopped playing around 2.15/2.30pm, it had gone quite all over the venue by this point unfortunately, we did manage to go and look at the stalls we missed earlier in the day, but thankfully for my wallet no other purchases were made.

All in all a good show as it always is, however it did seem very quite at times and the attendance was not as high as I have seen at previous Partizan show's, mind you saying that Triples in Sheffield last weekend seemed a bit low on attendance too, obviously the state of the economy is taking its toll as people just don't have the spare cash to go to all the show's that they may have once attended. Never the less, Partizan is well worth a visit if you have never been to one before.

More from me next week as I report in about my trip to Wrexham to put on a Lord of the Rings SBG game at that event.
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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Out and about at show's and event's.

What I have been up to recently and where have I been, I will tell you.

14th and 15th May.

This saw me at Maelstrom Games in Mansfield Nottinghamshire once again.

I actually go to Maelstrom quite a bit as I only live about 20 minutes away in Chesterfield. This visit was to support GCN club 'The Tempus Fugitives' who were holding one of their very successful 40K campaign weekends at 'The Eye of the Storm'. I will point out that I did not attend as a player, I only went along for the afternoon and evening on the Saturday and for Sunday afternoon. Being as two of the GCN council were at the event, Gareth Williams and Stuart Mackaness, it made sense for me to go along too and see if we could discuss a few i9tem's that needed our attention, that and it got me out of a load of work that needed doing at home, so I arrived mid afternoon and ended up staying until 10.45pm!

Its always nice to meet up with Stuart and Gareth as they are really nice guy's to get on with, which makes working with them that bit extra special.

I was made very welcome, as I always am, I watched a few of the games and had a chat to some of the attendees on both days, everyone was enjoying themselves and it was a very friendly event. I love the social side of these events and am happy to watch games and chat to players and other attendees, yes its nice to play, but its also nice to chill out and just enjoy watching other people having a good time. I was invited to stay for dinner which was very nice of the organisers, we had a good chat in the bar afterwards and got some GCN council business out of the way, and it was just a shame I was driving or the bar would have been hit a few times for some beers.

I have been going along to Tempus Fugitives events at Maelstrom since they moved their events there in early 2011, basically to offer a little moral support and have a chat to Stuart Mackaness the GCN Club Coordinator and anyone else who will listen!

If you have not been to one of the campaign weekend organised by Stuart for the Tempus Fugitives I can highly recommend the events, not only are they great fun to attend they are extremely well organised and professionally run, make sure that you have a closer look at what Tempus Fugitives have planned for the future at Maelstrom Games, you will not be dissapointed if you look at attending one of their events.

21st and 22nd May.

This saw me at a large war games show in Sheffield, 'Triples' held at the English Institute of Sport near the Meadowhall shopping mall.

I was there with two of my COGS club mates, Dave Wise, (who is the GCN project leader for the COGS/GCN Hammerhead show), and Terry one of our more enthusiastic members who is always willing to help us out at show's and event's.

We were at Triples running a participation game called 'Blood Feud' a small skirmish game that Dave and myself have written the rules for and played on a two foot by two foot board using small teams of models based around the Victorian/Edwardian period using various fairy tale characters, like Goldilocks and the three Bears, Vampire teams, Werewolves, Lunatics, Pychopath's, Samurai, monster teams of all shapes and sizes and team's of (relatively) sane bounty hunters etc. It's a quick fire game that is easy to learn and pick up, and can be played in around thirty to forty five minutes, a game lasting around an hour is a long one!

On Saturday we had about twenty five show attendees playing, and about twenty people playing on the Sunday, which to be honest well surpassed our expectations. For future reference we will be be publishing the rules and all associated cards required for the game in the not too distant future, and as such we had to give out contact details for the numerous people who were interested in purchasing the rules when they are ready.

So that side of things went very well, what else did I do...

I met up with Steve Nolan on the Sunday, Steve is the GCN treasurer, we had quite a along chat about Hammerhaed 2012 and GCN presence at shows later this year and in 2012, its always nice to see Steve and have a chat as he is a top bloke.

I went and spoke to quite a lot of people and traders at the show about Hammerhead, advertising and the GCN, and to spend some cash with a few dealers, well you can't go to a show and not do that it would not be right would it.

I spoke to some very nice gentleman who were members of a club in Scunthorpe who had recently begun the process of joining the GCN after a number of years being put off, good news indeed and hopefully they will be in our ranks in the very near future, and a gentleman who is a member of two clubs in Huddersfield and Halifax who also expressed an interest in the GCN and what we could offer and asked for further information, so all in all a pretty good outcome.

Oh yes, and I had a very lengthy chat on Saturday with Andrew Hubback the editor of the Miniature Wargames magazine to see if we could see about possibly getting GCN community pages in that publication, although Andrew needs to talk to his boss about the possibilities, they are quite keen to do something with us, however its looking very positive, so watch this space as we may well be able to advertise all our clubs in yet another magazine, now how good is that!

What did I end up buying, are you interested, if so read on, well I bought quite a few bits and pieces, including two boxes of the brand new Immortal Miniatures Spartan Hoplites, and one of the new boxes of Wargames Factories Classic Greek range of Amazonian Warriors, so that should be my Ancient Greek army sorted out as I already have four boxes of Immortal Miniatures Ancient Greek Hoplites.

My early Imperial Roman army is now finished as well as I purchased a box of twelve Roman Cavalry from Wargames Factory and the new Hail Caesar rule book written by Rick Priestly from Warlord Games.

On the 15mm front I purchased two boxes of the new Panzer 4s from the Plastic Soldier Company and my collection of Flames of War scenery is growing apace as I also came home with several bags of hedges, gates, walls and a variety of small copses of trees, along with three very nice and extremely cheap resin ruined buildings, granted they need a bit of a repaint/touch up but for what they are they were real bargains. I still need more 15mm scenery but this little lot will go a long way to filling my gap.

Overall a very interesting and satisfying weekend, and hopefully one that will bring in more clubs to our network and see us expand Hammerhead and the GCN network even more.

One last thing to mention before I go and collapse on the sofa, Dave, Terry and myself will be demoing our 'Blood Feud' game again at IMPs the 'Sheffield Irregulars' event on Sunday 17th Juy in Sheffield, more details on that event to follow in the near future.
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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Yaarr! Shiver me timbers and quake in yer boots!

Everyone loves pirates and this blog has already featured the great new fantasy pirates skirmish game from Black Scorpion, "Cutlass". So here's some more goodness from Black Scorpion in the form of their brilliant skeleton pirates, painted by Precinct Omega Studios:





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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Girls in Primer

Well, as part of the new project for Cutlass by Black Scorpion Miniatures, I have been assembling my crew of female pirates.  I have used all but one Black scorpion model in my starting crew.  After swapping out some weapons and changing a few poses I have now sprayed them in primer ready for painting.

As per a Facebook (Ben) request here are some pics so far:

And a final picture of what happens when someone takes the terrain away and folks really want to play Cutlass.
Playdoh terrain, it's the next best thing!

Lucky dice

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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Into the Maelstrom. Badab war

Back at the 40k, finally got to field all those imperial guard I have been painting for so long. One win two losses, but hey having a lot of fun gaming.
Thanks to TF for such hard work. Thanks to all my oponents, it's been a gas.
Now to work out how to rescue two more wins tomorrow, from my obvious jaws of defeat.
Can't beat Maelstrom, spent the whole day gaming, the evening into morning enjoying a brew and a board game we found in the bar.

Hoorah win all day.
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Friday, 13 May 2011

Cutlass by Black Scorpion

Hi all, well in order to keep my sanity at reasonably normal levels I decided to do a quick review of these new rules.

I picked up a copy of Cutlass at Legionary in Exeter at the weekend and I can say that on first inspection the book looks very nice with a good mix of colour photographs and artwork.  The book is pleasing to the eye and at just over 100 pages it's a good investment for £20.  The cover art is exceptional (and yes you can get "Her" as a figure) even though she is currently sold out......Bugga!  Written by Gav Thorpe and Adam Clarke, it instils good expectations from the cover. 

The game is a land based fantasy pirate skirmish game, a bit like Necromunda mixed with a turn system similar to bloodbowl.  The players start a gang with between 5 and 8 models, so it's good as a break in game and for those who can just never seem to get an army painted.  The models from black scorpion are also very nice, but the game allows for a very custom approach to your gang and weapons and equipment can be tailored to meet individual likes or dislikes.   

Play is not by the normal my turn then your turn structure.  Players roll their leaders Authority at the beginning of the game and this total is the amount of action points that player has.  Players then nominate actions for their models to do, which could be move, shoot or combat.  There are also several special actions such as reloading or hide, which can be undertaken by other models in the gang whilst some move for instance. A player spends one action point to make the number of actions equal to the current action point total.  So for instance, a player rolls and gets 6 action points, he spends his first and 6 models can perform the nominated action, or a special action.  The player can then spend his second point but this time on 5 can perform actions and so on until he/she decides to pass active status to the other player or they run out of action points.  Some of the reports I have read have remarked that this system is to reliant on a good roll at the start, and situations when one player gets say 8 and the other gets 1 would lead to a bad game.  Having played a few games now I can say that this very rarely happens, and when it does, you just have to say "it's a game, and next turn it might be the other way around".

According to Newton's third law of motion, for every action there is a an equal and opposite reaction.  this is very much the case with Cutlass.  As players perform action your opponent has a chance, within certain guidelines to react to the actions of their opponents models.  This is a great part of the game and makes the active player think hard about the order in which they conduct their actions.  Should your opponent react, not only do they get to perform an action with the reacting model but they also steal the activation.  This is very similar to a "turnover" in bloodbowl, hence the reference earlier.

The combat and shooting actions are well thought out and work quickly, once you remember your stats.

Cutlass can be played as a one off game and so far that is all we have done, but it's true potential is in it's campaign system.  Gangs will progress as they go through encounters and gain wealth, new members, skills and will either become more famous or infamous.  I will be running a campaign throughout the summer down here, and will post updates here.

My only gripe is that between the different sections of the book, there are 2 pages of repeated filler artwork, which tends to just serve to get in the way, whilst flicking through to check rulings.  This is a minor thing but worth mentioning.

So, all in all Cutlass from black scorpion miniatures is a worthy addition to any pirate lovers shelf and I would recommend checking it out.

Cheers for now

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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

War Torn, 25th - 26th June 2011.

Scarborough War Games club presents:-

War Torn, a weekends war games event in Scarborough on the 25th and 26th June 2011.

Here is a bit of a run down of whats going on over the show weekend.

- Aerobatic display by the renowned Blades team
Several Blades’ pilots commanded RAF Harrier Squadrons in the most exacting of circumstances (in Iraq and Afghanistan) and one of them led the Red Arrows. Six of the Blades were Harrier pilots, two were Jaguar pilots, all were RAF instructors and Blades 1 to 4 are all former Red Arrow pilots.
The Blades fly an aircraft called the Extra 300 LP; one of the leading high-performance aerobatic aircraft in the world.

- Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Lancaster Bomber
Flying over 30 towns, The Memorial Flight is uniquely spending 15 minutes in the Scarborough Bay displaying the prestigious Lancaster Bomber.

- Royal Navy and RNLI exercise
A joint exercise at sea between HMS Explorer, lifeboat crews serving with the Scarborough branch of the RNLI and a Sea King helicopter.

- Parade
Veterans parade including the Yorkshire band of volunteers and the
Royal British Legion Riders Branch on Harley Davidsons.

- World Record Attempt
28mm Napoleonic World Record bid featuring battles of Salamanca, Bussaco & Corunna.

More information plus a list of traders and games for the weekned are on the website, www.scarboroughwargamesclub.info

I expect there to be the usual family friendly activities like face painting, sand sculptures, the donkeys and the rest of it.
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Wow, how time flies!

Just realised that it's been a while since my last post.  Have been super busy with sorting out the first half of operation 'Carboot Courtyard', which is to be West Cornwall games Club's big summer game.  The idea came from Martin, the bastard, I didn't know they could do that, Smith, after he decided that in order to properly satisfy his inner nerd we should reduce down 63 miles of Operation Market Garden ( Holland - September 1944) into a 16 foot by 8 foot table for his birthday at the end of July.

Having agreed to this extreme idea, it was tasked to me to do the following:

Build the board!   Aaarrrggghhhhh!!!!!

I must say that at this point I decided that I needed help (fellow builders, NOT Psychological).  I recruited Big Al and Smiffee to assist.  So over Easter weekend we started with 16 linear feet of hedges and a few old woods that needed some repairs.

So we set to task turning this:

Into this:

Amazingly, we managed this over the long Easter weekend.  Fuelled by wine and pizza we pulled 14 hour days, but what a result.

We have taken the board to Swmee (Shepton Mallet) and to Legionary (Exeter) and at both shows it has been well received.

Oh, forgot to mention the 2 platoons of Waffen SS (52 figures) that I had to build in a day, then get painted in 2 days for the shows.

That "Smiffee" What a bastard!

So that's half the board, next up is Nijmegen and Arnham, both with rivers and bigger bridges.

A final massive thankyou has to go to Big Al for scratch building Veghel bridge the same weekend, that man is a P-card dynamo.

Veghel Bridge:

Lucky dice

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Saturday, 7 May 2011

GCN tour of Battle of the clubs

Another early (for a Sunday) rising. Breakfast and then Belgium for the next club visit, HQ Gaming in Sint-nikolaas.
Hoping the guys may have enough time for a game before setting off again for the ferry home.
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Every gamer, fantasy and 40k won at least one game today. Well done all. Thanks to our hosts and all the people we met and chatted with.
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Friday, 6 May 2011

Battle of the clubs Holland

Long day travelling yesterday, a few beers to relax. Early rising for today's gaming.
Save, Tom and Dan for fantasy
Dave, Richard and Chris for 40K.
Letting the gaming begin
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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Currently beavering away at Imperial Guard army to be ready for the campaign weekend Saturday week.
3 Vendetta's almost finished on my paint table right now.
Also getting ready for the GCN Holland and Belgium trip.
Battle of the Clubs in Tilburg this weekend and on the way back stopping off in Belgium.
Busy, busy time.
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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Under Construction - with you soon


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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Merchandising - what do you want?

Merchandising, something that can be used to put out your clubs looks out to the public and draw in other members or can just make your current members feel more part of the club by wearing the club T-shirt or rolling club dice.

Many of these ways of advertising are not particularly expensive but can be awkward to organise form a single clubs point of view. The GCN are looking into being able to provide a single place to get the primary products form the basics right through to banners and jackets.

My question is, what sort of merchandising would your club be interested in being able to buy for you to sell to your members?

Leave a message on the site or in the linked forum page to tell us what you want and well see if we can do it.

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Friday, 29 April 2011


Over periods of time the GCN like to post out a newsletter showing some of the things they have been up to and a map of what is planned for their future.

The link below allows you to access all of the past Castelain newsletters so you can read through them. If you have anything for the next newsletter email one of the committee with details.

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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

‘£20 a year to be in the GCN, what is that all about then’?

Some of us in the GCN are quietly waiting for the inevitable question, which is, ‘why should my club have to pay £20 every year to be a member of the GCN’.  At the very least it will make a change from hearing the other more usual questions we are more normally presented with, which is one of the following forms, ‘if our club joins the GCN what’s in it for us’ or ‘what can we expect to get out of membership to the GCN’.  I am sure most of the council has been faced with that question on more than one occasion; I certainly know that I have. However, one thing that both sets of questions have in common is the answer, as the answer pretty much covers it all, you and your club will get out of the GCN exactly what you put into it.  So the question you may well need to ask is this, ‘why is our club in the GCN’.  Let’s expand on this a bit further. What benefits did your club get before the annual subscription charge was introduced, well your club committee had all their CRB checks done for free (if required), your club had access to very cheap PLI, (Public Liability Insurance), your club was advertised in Games Workshop’s stores, on the Games Workshop web site and in White Dwarf magazine, in addition being in the ‘club finder’ section on the GCN web site too. I have to ask the question here, is that not enough already? So what benefits are we going to get with the annual subscription charge, all of the above, none of that has changed one iota!  However you now need to be aware that your club will be advertised to a much wider audience from April/May 2011, the GCN has negotiated with Wargames Illustrated magazine to have two pages for GCN community and club listings published four times a year, much like White Dwarf.  Your club will now be pro-actively advertised to a much wider and diverse audience than ever before. The GCN/COGS Hammerhead show, at the 2011 show for the very first time we decided to have a show brochure, as well as a few adverts for traders, the room layout and table plan etc, we had all the current GCN clubs listed over a four page spread, with full contact details for every single club in the UK Network.  This was done so that people could have a ‘hard copy’ to take away with them and look at later.  We had enough copies printed so that the brochure’s can be taken out to other show’s where the GCN has is stand and given to attendees who might like to know if there is a gaming club nearby to them.  The 2012 Hammerhead show will see the show brochure expanded to not only include the current club listings, but also to include a GCN club events calendar to further promote your club and any events it has planned. Your club’s annual financial contribution is enabling the GCN to look at being able to do more to promote all of the club’s in the network, more so than has ever been done previously.  Also because we will have additional finance available to us, this is allowing us to look at having a much larger selection of new merchandise produced.  Having had so little available funds in the bank over the last ten years has pretty much stopped the GCN from doing this previously, or it has meant that council members have had to pay for things out of their own pockets when we have had to purchase item’s, which you have to admit cannot be right or fair. So apart from the cheap PLI, the free CRB checks, adverts in GW stores & the GW/GCN web site, club listings in White Dwarf , Wargames Illustrated magazines, and the Hammerhead show brochure, a growing range of quality GCN merchandise, what do we get for our £20 a year.As I mentioned right at the start of this article, you and your club will get out of the GCN exactly what you put into it, the more you put in the more you and your members will get out. To paraphrase history, ‘ask not what the GCN can do for you, and ask what you can do for the GCN’……..

Anthony Barnes, GCN President.
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