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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Contact Us

All of the details below enable you to contact the member of the GCN council who you feel ca help you the most with your enquiry. Please don't hesitate to contact any of the members of the GCN council with any relevant requests.

Anthony Barnes
GCN President


Laurie Stewart
GCN Vice President
Tel: 01405 860653
Mob: 07810 157631


Steve Nolan
GCN Treasurer
Tel: 01132 250461
Mob: 07793 198516


Dan Currey
Promotions and Information Officer
(Primary GCN contact for non member clubs)


Stuart Mackaness
Club Co-ordinator
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The Gaming Club Network works with various partners to help achieve own six objectives. These partners provide the organisation with different types of support including gaming material, free entry to shows, and even meeting facilities for our council meetings.

Games Workshop

Games Workshop provide various benefits for our members and organisation including:
  • Free advertising for member clubs (and their events in GW systems) in Games Workshop's monthly magazine, White Dwarf; on their website; and in local Games Workshop stores.
  • The opportunity to participate in Games Workshop events such as Gamesday.
  • Games Workshop also kindly provide meeting facilities for GCN Council Members and support our work in the community.


Battlefront is the distributor for Flames of War in the UK. Presently they help us by supporting Flames of War events run by the GCN and our member clubs.
To learn more about our partner organisations, contact the GCN Council.
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Child Protection

The Gaming Club Network aims to provide as safe an environment possible for all gamers especially for those members under the age of 16. To this end, the GCN has a Child Protection Policy to raise awareness of the issues and to define how infringements to the policy will be dealt with.

Even if a cub does not allow members under the age of 16 it is important to adopt the Child Protection Policy, for a number of good reasons.

Firstly, club members inevitably have children of their own and will want to bring them along to meetings even if they don.t take part; secondly, the club will want to take part in events that do involve younger hobbyists; finally, it is always good to be on the moral high ground, be aware of your civil responsibilities and be prepared to meet them.

Children are important and deserve the very best in whatever they do or wherever they go. This policy helps to make Gaming Clubs safer for younger hobbyists, and these same hobbyists will keep your favourites pastime alive for years to come.

The full Child Protection Policy is part of the GCN Document Pack which can be downloaded from here.

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How to Join

Joining the GCN is a painless process (despite rumours to the contrary). The 'How to Join' book gives you all the information you need to join up. Our 'Document Pack' includes a sample club constitution and child protection policy, plus all the forms you need for your club to join the GCN. Click on the images to download the documents.
As a quick checklist, your club will need:
  • At least three committee positions
  • Which are all prepared to go through the CRB process
  • Public liability insurance
  • A club constitution and child protection policy
For more information email contact@gamingclubnetwork.org
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Benefits for Clubs

Quite rightly, many clubs out there want to know the benefits of joining the Gaming Club Network. Well here are some of them:
  • Free CRB checks, with child protection becoming increasing important, the GCN provides this important service to all its member clubs.
  • Access to GCN Public Liability Insurance, the GCN has negotiated a very good PLI deal that all member clubs can take advantage of.
  • Be part of GCN events, the GCN gets involved in all sorts of events, including campaign weekends and tournaments. If you want to be involved, you need to be part of the GCN (or at least a member of a club that is).
  • Entry into the Club Open Play Championship, a national inter-club league run by the GCN. Play any club at any system, and fight it out for the GCN Open Play title.
  • Advertising your club in Games Workshop stores, only members of the Gaming Club Network can advertise their clubs in GW stores.
  • Advertising in White Dwarf, all members of the Gaming Club Network are listed in Games Workshop.s White Dwarf magazine and on Games Workshop.s website. And if you have an event to advertise, email whitedwarf@games-workshop.co.uk with all the details and they will include it in their event diary (but remember to submit your event at least three months in advance).
  • Be the best, GCN membership is a recognised club standard. Our clubs are friendly, fun, and safe places for people of all ages to enjoy their hobby.
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Monday, 17 January 2011

About Us

The Gaming Club Network (GCN) is a voluntary organisation, created in 1999, set upon the idea of bringing together like-minded people to encourage others to try our hobby. Our purpose is to provide the opportunity for individuals and member clubs to participate in the hobby of collecting, painting and gaming with miniatures, table top games and role play games.
The GCN strives to meet the following six objectives:
  • To assist running local gaming events
  • To support club activities
  • To assist running games at local and national levels
  • To provide a forum for gaming clubs
  • To facilitate club development
  • To promote good communications between Gaming Clubs, and games originators, manufacturers and retailers
Our member clubs all adhere to certain standards which set them apart as safe and fun organisations to be part of. All GCN member clubs have:
  • A committee of at least three members to run affairs openly
  • Public liability insurance to protect members against accident
  • A good standard of club rules and a club constitution
  • A child protection policy
  • A policy of submitting the committee for Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Disclosure
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