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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Merchandising - what do you want?

Merchandising, something that can be used to put out your clubs looks out to the public and draw in other members or can just make your current members feel more part of the club by wearing the club T-shirt or rolling club dice.

Many of these ways of advertising are not particularly expensive but can be awkward to organise form a single clubs point of view. The GCN are looking into being able to provide a single place to get the primary products form the basics right through to banners and jackets.

My question is, what sort of merchandising would your club be interested in being able to buy for you to sell to your members?

Leave a message on the site or in the linked forum page to tell us what you want and well see if we can do it.

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Friday, 29 April 2011


Over periods of time the GCN like to post out a newsletter showing some of the things they have been up to and a map of what is planned for their future.

The link below allows you to access all of the past Castelain newsletters so you can read through them. If you have anything for the next newsletter email one of the committee with details.

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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

‘£20 a year to be in the GCN, what is that all about then’?

Some of us in the GCN are quietly waiting for the inevitable question, which is, ‘why should my club have to pay £20 every year to be a member of the GCN’.  At the very least it will make a change from hearing the other more usual questions we are more normally presented with, which is one of the following forms, ‘if our club joins the GCN what’s in it for us’ or ‘what can we expect to get out of membership to the GCN’.  I am sure most of the council has been faced with that question on more than one occasion; I certainly know that I have. However, one thing that both sets of questions have in common is the answer, as the answer pretty much covers it all, you and your club will get out of the GCN exactly what you put into it.  So the question you may well need to ask is this, ‘why is our club in the GCN’.  Let’s expand on this a bit further. What benefits did your club get before the annual subscription charge was introduced, well your club committee had all their CRB checks done for free (if required), your club had access to very cheap PLI, (Public Liability Insurance), your club was advertised in Games Workshop’s stores, on the Games Workshop web site and in White Dwarf magazine, in addition being in the ‘club finder’ section on the GCN web site too. I have to ask the question here, is that not enough already? So what benefits are we going to get with the annual subscription charge, all of the above, none of that has changed one iota!  However you now need to be aware that your club will be advertised to a much wider audience from April/May 2011, the GCN has negotiated with Wargames Illustrated magazine to have two pages for GCN community and club listings published four times a year, much like White Dwarf.  Your club will now be pro-actively advertised to a much wider and diverse audience than ever before. The GCN/COGS Hammerhead show, at the 2011 show for the very first time we decided to have a show brochure, as well as a few adverts for traders, the room layout and table plan etc, we had all the current GCN clubs listed over a four page spread, with full contact details for every single club in the UK Network.  This was done so that people could have a ‘hard copy’ to take away with them and look at later.  We had enough copies printed so that the brochure’s can be taken out to other show’s where the GCN has is stand and given to attendees who might like to know if there is a gaming club nearby to them.  The 2012 Hammerhead show will see the show brochure expanded to not only include the current club listings, but also to include a GCN club events calendar to further promote your club and any events it has planned. Your club’s annual financial contribution is enabling the GCN to look at being able to do more to promote all of the club’s in the network, more so than has ever been done previously.  Also because we will have additional finance available to us, this is allowing us to look at having a much larger selection of new merchandise produced.  Having had so little available funds in the bank over the last ten years has pretty much stopped the GCN from doing this previously, or it has meant that council members have had to pay for things out of their own pockets when we have had to purchase item’s, which you have to admit cannot be right or fair. So apart from the cheap PLI, the free CRB checks, adverts in GW stores & the GW/GCN web site, club listings in White Dwarf , Wargames Illustrated magazines, and the Hammerhead show brochure, a growing range of quality GCN merchandise, what do we get for our £20 a year.As I mentioned right at the start of this article, you and your club will get out of the GCN exactly what you put into it, the more you put in the more you and your members will get out. To paraphrase history, ‘ask not what the GCN can do for you, and ask what you can do for the GCN’……..

Anthony Barnes, GCN President.
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The Official European Flames of War Grand Tournament - 2011.

The GCN council is pleased to announce that the network will be assisting Battlefront Miniatures in promoting, organising and running an official Flames of War grand tournament in 2011.
The tournament will be entitled, The Official European Flames of War Grand Tournament – 2011. This the very first official FoW GT is covering the Late War period. The date for the GT is set for the weekend of the 3rd and 4th September 2011 and will be held at the Nottingham university campus with accommodation on site.
The GT will comprise of five rounds, three games on Saturday, and two games on Sunday, lunch will be provided on both days and an evening meal on the Saturday, plus some light entertainment is being planned for the Saturday evening. In addition there will be a painting competition, exhibits and trade stands over the full weekend, more details of exactly what will be included over the GT weekend will be released when full conformation of the itinerary is ready.
Accommodation will be available on site at the university. A selection of ‘packages’ that include event tickets and accommodation will be made available when all details are confirmed. You will be able to purchase GT ticket only, GT ticket with accommodation for Saturday night, and GT ticket with accommodation for Friday and Saturday night. Ticket prices and types of ticket packages will be announced in due course.

The GCN has been asked to provide three referees for the event, as well as assist in preparing tables and scenery for the GT All volunteers assisting at the actual event will be provided accommodation, (if it is required) and lunch/evening meals by Battlefront Miniatures.

Keep an eye out for more news updates or amendments on the FoW GT on this web site, in Wargames Illustrated, and in the GCN monthly updates sent out by e-mail.


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Benefis of the GCN

The Gaming Club Network (GCN) is a voluntary organisation, created in 1999, set upon the idea of bringing together like-minded people to encourage others to try our hobby. Our purpose is to provide the opportunity for individuals and member clubs to participate in the hobby of collecting, painting and gaming with miniatures, table top games and role play games.
The GCN strives to meet the following six objectives:
  • To assist running local gaming events
  • To support club activities
  • To assist running games at local and national levels
  • To provide a forum for gaming clubs
  • To facilitate club development
  • To promote good communications between Gaming Clubs, and games originators, manufacturers and retailers
Our member clubs all adhere to certain standards which set them apart as safe and fun organisations to be part of. All GCN member clubs have:
  • A committee of at least three members to run affairs openly
  • Public liability insurance to protect members against accident
  • A good standard of club rules and a club constitution
  • A child protection policy
  • A policy of submitting the committee for Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Disclosure
Quite rightly, many clubs out there want to know the benefits of joining the Gaming Club Network. Well here are some of them:
  • Free CRB checks, with child protection becoming increasing important, the GCN provides this important service to all its member clubs.
  • Access to GCN Public Liability Insurance, the GCN has negotiated a very good PLI deal that all member clubs can take advantage of.
  • Be part of GCN events, the GCN gets involved in all sorts of events, including campaign weekends and tournaments. If you want to be involved, you need to be part of the GCN (or at least a member of a club that is).
  • Entry into the Club Open Play Championship, a national inter-club league run by the GCN. Play any club at any system, and fight it out for the GCN Open Play title.
  • Advertising your club in Games Workshop stores, only members of the Gaming Club Network can advertise their clubs in GW stores.
  • Advertising in White Dwarf, all members of the Gaming Club Network are listed in Games Workshop.s White Dwarf magazine and on Games Workshop.s website. And if you have an event to advertise, email whitedwarf@games-workshop.co.uk with all the details and they will include it in their event diary (but remember to submit your event at least three months in advance).
  • Be the best, GCN membership is a recognised club standard. Our clubs are friendly, fun, and safe places for people of all ages to enjoy their hobby.
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How To...

As a running club you may find a number of the files in the two links below useful to help in various elements of the clubs day to day life.

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Club Events

The GCN hold a number of events packs that you can begin with to create your own or just use straight off. Click on the link below to see these files.

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Event Packs

The GCN hold a number of events packs that you can begin with to create your own or just use straight off. Click on the link below to see these files.

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Documents Downloads

This folder holds a number of files that you may find helpful if you are running a club, thinking about beginning a club or considering volunteering for the GCN

click on the link below to access a number of files you may find useful.

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CRB and the GCN

Why criminal record checks are needed

When you apply for certain types of job you may be asked to apply for a criminal record check. These are generally jobs that mean you:
  • will be working regularly with children or vulnerable people
  • will be working in an establishment that is wholly or mainly for children
  • will be working in healthcare
  • have applied to be a foster carer, adoptive parent or childminder
  • will be working in certain other professions (details of all these professions are provided on the link below)
If you do need a criminal record check, your prospective employer will let you know and tell you what to do next.

What is a criminal record check? 

The CRB check searches your details against criminal records and other sources, including the Police National Computer. The check may reveal convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings.
You, and your employer, will see the results of your search. Whatever the results your employer will decide whether they can still employ you.

What you’ll find on a criminal record check

The CRB check will either confirm that you don’t have a criminal record, or it will list any relevant convictions, cautions, reprimands, warnings and, if applicable, whether you have been barred from working with vulnerable groups. The police can also include non-conviction information, for example, fixed penalties, that may be relevant.

Who can ask for a criminal record check?

If the job needs a criminal record check any employer can ask for one. However, only organisations registered with the CRB can submit applications for criminal records checks.
There are two types of registered organisation:
  • a registered body - the employer
  • an umbrella body - a registered body that processes criminal record checks for non-registered organisations

Will you ever need to have another criminal record check?

You might have to have another CRB check if you move to another job that involves working with children or vulnerable adults.
If you have been asked to apply for a CRB check, and already have one from a previous role, you can ask if the organisation is willing to accept it.
When deciding if they will accept it, the organisation will consider:
  • the length of time since the check was issued
  • the level of check needed
  • the role the check was issued for
  • the role you are applying for
If your CRB certificate is lost or destroyed, the CRB can’t provide a replacement certificate. You will need to apply and pay again.

Thanks To the DirectGov website for all the above information. If you would like to know more regarding CRB checks plese read this document or talk to the councils responsible person.
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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Club Contact Details

Below you will find all of the contact details for all of our clubs just look up the one nearest to you and make contact to improve your wargames experience.

In order to find a club just click here and use their postcode to find their location on a map
County Gaming Club Name Club Contact E-mail Web Site/Forum Address Line 3
Angus Kirriemuir Wargames Club Dale Smith daledsmith@btinternet.com http://www.kirriemuirwargames.co.uk/ Kirriemuir
Argyll & Bute Helensburgh Patriot Games Club Bob Furness bob.furness@glasgow.ac.uk
Avon Bristol Vanguard Paul Claridge who_p@ymail.com http://www.bristolvanguard.co.uk/Bristol_Vanguard/Home.html Bristol,
Bedfordshire Bedford Gladiators Association David Wilkin gladiator64uk@yahoo.co.uk http://gladiators.wordpress.com/ Bedford
Berkshire Bracknell Forest Gamers Daniel Currey bracknellforestgamers@gmail.com http://bracknellforestgamers.wordpress.com/ Bracknell

Maidenhead Reapers Mark Whickman maidenheadreapers@hotmail.co.uk http://www.facebook.com/MaidenheadReapers Berkshire

Spiky Club Rob Clayton nosferatu1001@gmail.com http://www.spikyclub.com/e107/page.php?4 Reading
Caithness Northern Knights Wargaming Club Dave Yeomans recceboss@btinternet.com http://www.northern-knights.co.uk/ Thurso
Cheshire Silktown Slayers Paul Hill pmh@biota.co.uk  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Silktown-Slayers/139536246061755 Macclesfield

Warrington Warlords Paul Tennant paultennant@hotmail.com

Winsford Warhawks Ian Curbison winsfordwarhawks@hotmail.co.uk http://winsfordwarhawks.forumotion.com/ Cheshire
Co Antrim Lisburn Gaming Club Colin Shields colin@lisburn-gaming.co.uk http://www.lisburn-gaming.co.uk/ Lisburn
Cornwall Cornwall Miniature Wargames Association Danny O'Hara danny@ohara269.freeserve.co.uk www.cornwallwargamers.co.uk Newquay

Dice and Dagger Gaming Club Kurt Baker celtofkernow@aol.com

North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics Ian Henderson hendybadger@aol.com http://www.facebook.com/ncbab Delabole

Trelawny's Armies Gaming Society Chris Ely Chrsely@aol.com http://www.trelawnysarmies.co.uk/ Truro

Wizards and Warlords Games Club Barry Hilton info@wizardsandwarlords.co.uk http://www.wizardsandwarlords.co.uk/ Truro
County Durham Darlington Dogs of War Sarah Glew darlingtonsdogsofwar@hotmail.co.uk

Durham Raiders Outpost Adam Sellars adam_dro@hotmail.com
Cumbria Carlisle Wargames Club David Moon d.moon007@btinternet.com

North West Warriors Adam Turner adamturner471@btinternet.com http://www.northwestwarriors.org.uk/news.php Windemere

West Cumbria Wargamers Ryan Powe ryanpowe2587@hotmail.com
Derbyshire COGS Tony Barnes awb1@btinternet.com www.hammerhead.org.uk/ Chesterfield

Ripley Terra Troopers Judith Hawcroft Judith.Hawcroft@derbyshire.gov.uk http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ripley-Terra-Troopers/118670668214104 Ripley
Devon Exeter Inqusition Ian Wood ian@wargamingtrader.com http://exeter-inquisition.org/ Marsh Barton, Exeter

Exmouth Imperial Wargames Club Robin Wearn robin22wearn@yahoo.co.uk www.exmouthwargames.blogspot.co.uk Exmouth

Heart of Pargon Will Power rednax1984@gmail.com

Rygas Roughnecks David Olorenshaw david.olorenshaw@hotmail.co.uk http://rygasroughnecks.com/ Exeter
East Sussex Brighton Warlords Peter Cooke peter.cooke423@ntlworld.com http://z15.invisionfree.com/Brighton_Warlords/index.php Brighton
East Yorkshire Hulls Angels Ross Pemble ross@hulls-angels.co.uk http://hulls-angels.blogspot.co.uk/ Hull
Essex Chelmsford Bunker Tom Pugh tomgpugh@gmail.com www.chelmsfordbunker.co.uk Chelmsford

Hornchurch Heroes Gaming Club Ian Heard tolehavenuk@aol.com http://www.tolehaven.co.uk/gaming_club_18.html Essex

Southend Toy Soliders Paul Gaynor pag1014@hotmail.co.uk http://www.holttum.com/Southend%20Toy%20Soldiers/Southend%20Toy%20Soldiers%20Home.htm Southend-on-Sea
Falkirk Stirling Wargamers Angus Mccabe info@stirling-wargamers.org.uk http://purecheese.proboards.com/index.cgi Stirling
Fife Dunfermline Wargaming and Roleplaying Fellowship Greg Caldwell greg@gregcaldwell.net http://www.freewebs.com/clubdwarf/ Dunfermline
Glamorganshire ARAFAT Aled Roberts robertaledroberts@sky.com
Glasgow St Aidans Warriors Gaming Group James Jamieson tatsujin@hotmail.co.uk http://www.facebook.com/pages/St-Aidans-Warriors-Gaming-Group-Page/200502873309488 Clarkston, Glasgow
Gwent Newport Warriors Simon Fisher fisher504@hotmail.com http://newportwarriors.freeforums.org/ Newport

Tredegar Reavers Wargames Club Kevin Rowland vandalworks@hotmail.com
Hampshire Ammo Bunker South Steven Day huge_egg@hotmail.com

Black Hole Wargamers Matt Wildsmith mattwildsmith@gmail.com

Blackfield Boys Pete Pullin pete.p@uwclub.net

Dark Worlds Gaming Society James Doherty iama_MONKEY@hotmail.com http://darkworlds.wix.com/darkworlds Fareham

Sad Muppet Society Roger Winter roger@sadmuppets.org http://www.sadmuppets.org/ Basingstoke

Southampton Sluggaz Chris Tucker nuttyjawa@gmail.com http://www.southamptonsluggaz.co.uk/forum/ Southampton

The Bastion Gaming Club Peter Shaw sharkpool@btinternet.com
Hertfordshire Thor's Hammer Gaming Club Adam Ramsden adam@thorshammer.tv http://www.thorshammer.tv/club/ Borehamwood
Kent Barming Wargames Club Dominic Chambers barming_wargames@btinternet.com

Canterbury Crusaders David Silvester dsilvester@bmmweston.co.uk

Thanet Wargaming Club Paul Flory thanetwargamingclub@gmail.com http://www.heresy-online.net/forums/showthread.php?t=109398 Ramsgate

The Emperors 10th Chris Booth oc@10company.co.uk
Lancashire Bolton And Bury Gaming Club Lee Barber lee@superiorbedrooms.com http://www.facebook.com/BoltonBuryGamingClub?filter=2 Bury

Warpdragon Gaming Stuart Baxter sibaxter1@hotmail.co.uk
Lincolnshire Boston Wargaming Club Scott Robinson scottrobinson1984@hotmail.co.uk

Gobstyk's Gaming Club Peter Delafield p.delafield13@gmail.com http://www.gobstyks.co.uk/ Lincoln
London Clapham Wargamers Chris Tamplin info@claphamwargamers.org.uk http://www.claphamwargamers.org.uk/ London

Dark Sphere Gaming Alexi Tingey contact@darksphere.co.uk  www.darksphere.co.uk/ London

SELWG (South East London Wargames Group) Chris McNeil chris.mcneil3@sky.com http://www.selwg.org/ Catford

Tanelorn WGC John Webb jon_webby_webb@hotmail.com http://www.tanelornwgc.org/ London

The Good The Bad & The Bromley Xavier Lindsey xavier_lindsey@hotmail.co.uk http://www.thegoodthebadthebromley.com/ London

Tolworth First Founding Margaret Corps mrsmargaretcorps@yahoo.co.uk
Merseyside Lost Boys Robert Duck ruggedduck@hotmail.com http://thelostboysgamingclub.webeden.co.uk/ Merseyside
Middlesex Hillingdon Wargaming Club Ben Crowe bcrowe1@hillingdon.gov.uk http://www.hillingdon.gov.uk/article/24445/Warhammer Uxbridge
Norfolk Aftermath Gaming Club Lee Lowe leelowe@btopenworld.com http://www.aftermath-club.co.uk/ Norwich

St Anns Garrison RPG Chris Bainbridge cristopher@cbainbridge288.orangehome.co.uk  http://kingslynnrpg.weebly.com/ Kings Lynn
North Yorkshire Scarborough Games Society Craig Henderson scarboroughgames@gmail.com http://www.gimi.co.uk/index.aspx?articleid=21130 Scarborough

York Garrison Wargaming Club Ben Wagner warboss@yorkgarrison.co.uk http://www.yorkgarrison.co.uk/ York

York Wargames Society Conrad Betts bettsconrad@gmail.com http://www.yorkwargames.org/ York
Northhamtonshire Phoenix Gaming Club Stephen Mawson stephen.mawson1@ntlworld.com http://phoenixgaming.wordpress.com/ Rushden
Northumberland Northumbrian Adventurers Guild Christopher Waugh thesecretary@n-a-g.org http://n-a-g.org/forum/ Blyth 
Nottinghamshire KIA Andy Comery andy_comery@hotmail.co.uk
Oxfordshire Abingdon Wargames Club Steve Evans steve@evanssteve.wanadoo.co.uk http://www.abingdonwargames.org.uk/ Abingdon

Oxford Gaming Club Marc Garrigan marcgarrigan@hotmail.com http://www.oxfordgamingclub.co.uk/ Summertown, Oxford

Wantage Area Wargaming Association Ricky Mattioni rickster44@gmail.com
Redcar & Cleveland Middlesborough Gamers Club Kevin Gibson kevin.gibson4@ntlworld.com http://www.m-gc.co.uk Middlesborough
Redcar & Cleveland Redcar Ironbeards Ian Widdowson ian.widdowson1@ntlworld.com http://www.ageofstrife.com/redcar-ironbeards/ Redcar
Shropshire Firedrakes Greg Hickman gregjhickman@aol.com

Gatekeepers Wargames Club James Sherry info@gatekeepers.me.uk http://www.gatekeepers.me.uk/index.php Shrewsbury

STAGS Alan Davies qkg@btconnect.com
Somerset Ol' Grumblers Liam Burke olgrumblers@gmail.com
Peasdown St John, Bath

Pigmar Wargaming Club Howard Richardson chair@pigmar.co.uk http://www.pigmar.co.uk/ Bath

Portishead Wargaming Club Sarah Souter sjs7@btinternet.com
Portishead, Bristol

Trinity Wargamers Club James Delany starrchild81@hotmail.co.uk http://trinityclub.wix.com/twct Taunton
South Lanarkshire Hamilton Howlers Fantasy & SF Gaming Club James Jamieson tatsujin@hotmail.co.uk
South Yorkshire Barnsley Association of Wargamers Mick Brookes mickbrookes@blueyonder.co.uk http://www.barnsleywargames.co.uk/ Barnsley

Heathens & Peasants Steven Smith sas-electrical@hotmail.com 

Steel City Wargaming Mark Wild wildclan@blueyonder.co.uk www.steelcitywargaming.weebly.com Woodhouse, Sheffield
Staffordshire Tamworth Games Club Ross Hubbard taerij@yahoo.com http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tamworth-Games-Club-UK/181831338504457 Tamworth
Surrey Guildford Games Club Eddie Turner GuildfordGamesClub@live.com  http://guildford-wargames.org.uk/info/ Guildford
Sussex BRGA (Bognor Regis Gaming Association) Frank Hill mrfrankhill@yahoo.com http://www.bognorgaming.com/ Bognor Regis,

Eastbourne Elementals Carl Hellicar c.hellicar@hotmail.co.uk http://www.facebook.com/EastbourneElementals Eastbourne

Gambit Games Barry Holden inferno150@sky.com http://gambitgamesuk.blogspot.co.uk/ Hove
Torfaen Crow Valley Crusaders Byron Liles byronliles@hotmail.com http://www.crowvalleycrusaders.com/portal.php Cwmbran 
Warwickshire Leamington Gaming Club Jamie Cross Leamingtongamingclub@gmail.com
Leamington Spa

Outlanders Games Club Simon Trammer srtrammer@hotmail.com http://www.theoutlanders.webs.com/ Rugby

Sutton Immortals Brian Clarke brianraven@blueyonder.co.uk http://www.suttonimmortals.co.uk/ Sutton Coldfiled
West Lothian Livingston Battleground John Fyfe president@battleground.org.uk http://www.battleground.org.uk/ Livingston

Livingston League of Gamers Sarah Dunn sdcatdq@fsmail.net http://www.facebook.com/pages/Livingston-league-of-gamers/265774310175945 Livingston
West Sussex South Downs Siegebreakers Liam Young liam@sdswargaming.net www.sdswargaming.net Storrington
West Yorkshire Bradford Gamers Society Peter Halliday bradfordgamersociety@yahoo.co.uk http://www.clubbz.com/club/36376/bradford/bradford-gamer-society-b.g.s Bradford

Gaming Club Bradford (GCB) Steven Wooler Gamingclubbradford@hotmail.com  http://gamingclubbradford.forumotion.com/ Bradford

Headingley Games Club Steve Nolan itssteve@hotmail.com http://headingleygamesclub.com/ Leeds,

Leeds Battle Bunker Arron Holgate a.holgate5@btinternet.com

Leeds Night Owls Gaming Club Steve Nolan itssteve@hotmail.com http://www.leeds-nightowls.co.uk/ Leeds

Pennine Raiders Peter Plinston hardplin@tiscali.co.uk http://www.clubbz.com/club/35025/halifax/pennine-raiders Halifax

Wakefield Warriors Chris Bowes proudbeard@hotmail.co.uk http://thewakefieldwarriorsgamesclub.blogspot.co.uk/ Wakefield
Wiltshire Calne Gaming Club Mark Walker chabalakra@hotmail.com http://gamingday.myfreeforum.org/index.php Calne

SAD Wargamers (Swindon & District) Paul Nettle paul.nettle@virginmedia.com http://www.sadwargamers.com/ Swindon
Wiltshire Salisbury Wargaming Order Terry Hand tez_f_hand@hotmail.com http://www.mygroup.org.uk/groups/salisbury_wargames_club Salisbury
Worcestershire Redditch Wargaming Society Stuart Davies stuart@redwarsoc.com http://www.redwarsoc.com/ Redditch
INTERNET Tempus Fugitives Stuart Mackaness ulfhedin@tempusfugitives.co.uk http://www.tempusfugitives.co.uk/

INTERNATIONAL Legion of Snake Eyes Daniel Currey loseclub@gmail.com http://legionofsnakeeyes.wordpress.com/
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