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Monday, 4 July 2011

Battlfront Miniatures, Warlord Games and Mantic.

I have over the last few months mentioned on a few occasions that the GCN has been helping Battlefront Miniatures to organize their first official Flames of War grand tournament.

This is still the very much the case and the GT is not that far away now, set for the weekend of the 3rd and 4th September.

The GCN committed to assisting Battlefront Miniatures late on in 2010 in whatever capacity we could from the first meeting held late last year to the most recent meeting on Thursday 30th June, and we have been very heavily involved in the process. I must stress that we did not volunteer or even offer to actually run the event for Battlefront, rather we offered practical advice, made alternate suggestions to some of their idea's, bounced idea's off of each other, offered man power in the form of people acting as umpires, and generally to assist over the weekend.

We also committed quite heavily to assisting Battlefront in the large task of getting the tables and scenery ready for the event, which although is not a project that is finished, its still very much a WiP, it is progressing very very nicely. However creating 60 tables and all the scenery for that amount of tables does not get completed in a couple of weekends. Personally speaking I have made several trips to the Battlefront offices over the last couple of months to drop off the scenery I have been working on for them and pick up more to bring back to work on. To be honest I have rather enjoyed the process and although there is quite a bit more to do, I am more than happy to have contributed and I look forward to attending the event.

Tickets are selling fast and more than half have already gone, which is pretty good, hopefully it will be a really good weekend and a stepping stone for the GCN to work on more projects with Battlefront in the future.

While Laurie Stewart and myself were in Nottingham, we were asked to visit Warlord Games who are interested in working with the GCN. So after the meeting with Battlefront was finished we nipped over to Games Workshop and ada some lunch in Bugmans Bar. Warlord Games are literally only a five minute drive up the road from GW so thjis worked out very nicely.

We had a very productive meeting with Warlord and are looking to work together more closely exactly what form this takes will be announced in a future blog, but for now its looking very good.

While at Warlord we were asked if we could possibly nip over to Mantic Games as well, so being as we were only ten minutes away duly visited 'Mantic Towers' as their offices are nicknamed and had another very productive meeting.

In short, although I cannot say any more at this point, the GCN will be working more closely in the coming weeks and months with not only Battlefront Miniatures, but with both Warlord Games and Mantic Games as well, more information on what we will be doing with these companies and what promotions will be available will be announced as soon as we are able to tell you.

The GCN will be at the Mantic Games open day at their unit in Bulwell, Nottingham on Saturday 9th July, and I will be at the Festival of History in the gaming marquee with the GCNs Pheonix Gaming Club and Warlord Games on Sunday 17th July.

The future is looking very good, very good indeed.


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