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Monday, 23 April 2012

Salute 2012 update

Salute 2012, all I can say about my day on the GCN stand was WOW! what a day, my feet have just about stopped aching!!!

As Dan mentioned we spoke to a few GCN clubs that had dropped off the radar over the last couple of years who are looking to come back into the system, which is great news. As for new club contacts, I was speaking to loads of potential new clubs, not sure how many though as I lost count around 15! Dan will have spoken to others while I was busy, so we will have to have a chat at the AGM to see exactly how many new contacts we think we made. Dan was kept busy dealing with companies that came to have a chat or make themselves known to us, so all in all we had a really busy day.

When I say busy, I really do mean busy, I lost over two and a half hours at one point, I needed a drink and checked my watch, the time was 11.10am, then people turned up at the stand, when I finally had a free moment when it went a bit quiet, I had another drink and checked my watch again, it was 1.55pm, the time had just gone in a flash, I could not believe it. I am not complaining though as this is exactly what we wanted. So that is looking really good if all of the clubs keep up the impetus and send us their applications, our club list will get a really good boost.

Another plus for the show, the GCN Club Guide went down a storm, I took just a few short of 400 copies, Dan took a small pile back with him, however when I counted up packing them away at home, realised that we had used around 300 copies.

Salute, it was a good show, apparently 1100 more through the door compared to 2011, plenty to do and see, and spend your money on!

I was nice to catch up with some old GCN faces too, Mike Sharpe & Dave Wilkin stopped by to say hello, Ian Handerson and his wife Colleen made it up from Cornwall, and I managed to put faces to several people I have been dealing with over the last few weeks, far to numerous to mention you all, you know who you are and it was a pleasure to actually meet you all in person.

Right onwards and upwards, work to do, get prepped for the AGM this weekend and get ready for the Triples show in Sheffield over the weekend of 19th & 20th May.



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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Salute 2012

At Salute Yesterday, number of face to catch up with and contacts to carry out in the next couple of weeks. Caught up with a number of clubs that we've lost contact with, remember if we don't have the "UP TO DATE" contact details of you we can't let you know about the deals and exclusives that we be approached by manufactures to pass on to the clubs.


To all those at the show "I felt it was better than it has been for a couple of years, You ?


Just a quick pimp but one of the guys we meet at Salute, we HIGHLY recommend are Model Display Products  http://www.modeldisplayproducts.co.uk


See you next Saturday at the AGM

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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Council election candidates for 2012 AGM.

Hi all
I hope that this finds you all fit and well, and hopefully a lot dryer than here in rain sodden Derbyshire.
Below is a list of candidates who are standing for the council positions at the forthcoming AGM.

Vice President
Candidate: Daniel Currey, Bracknell Forest Gamers

Candidate: Stephen Nolan, Leeds Night Owls

Candidate: David Wise, Chesterfield Open Gaming Society

There will always be a need to call for votes from the floor, with this in mind please instruct myself (acting as the secretary) who your clubs proxy vote is being passed onto prior to the meeting.

if you are not attending the AGM, please contact myself using (awb1@btinternet.com) to let me have your clubs vote/votes no later than Thursday 26th April.

Hoping to see loads of you at the AGM.

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Friday, 6 April 2012


Please note the the AGM for the GCN has been set for the
Saturday 28th April 10:30am at ‘The Moot’ Warhammer World, GW HQ, Lenton, Nottingham.

The Agenda and extra notes can be found here

(please note that the original notification went out via our update mail list, if you did not recieve this via email and you believe that you should have, then please contact us to confirm thta you name is on our "mailing" list.)

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