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Friday, 31 August 2012

Hi all
Its that time of the month again when we post news of the new clubs joining us in the network.
I have the pleasure to announce that August has seen the GCN club list reach 90 clubs! Given the amount of new club contacts and old GCN member clubs wishing to rejoin the network that I have been dealing with recently I am hoping that the network reaches and/or exceeds the 100 club mark withing the next month or two!
The following clubs are now fully GCN registered:
The Bastion Gaming Club, based in Basinstoke.
Darlington Dogs of War, based in Darlington.
Salisbury Wargaming Order, based in Salisbury.
Warpdragon Gaming, based in Blackpool.

Please join me in wishing a warm welcome to the new clubs and their members.
Anthony Barnes
GCN president.
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Saturday, 11 August 2012

An afternoon out at Steel City Wargamers

I had a nice afternoon out today with one of our member clubs,  Steel City Wargamers in Sheffield.  I had been invited along to attend their very first 40K tournament.  Unfortunately I was not able to go all day as I had urgent duties at home in the morning, this included trimming the trees and hedges in the front garden before the wet weather reappeared on Sunday, or at least the wife told me it was going to rain!  That said gardening duties completed by mid day it did get me a pass out for the rest of the day.

I was made really welcome at the club, they are a nice friendly bunch of gamers and its nice to see the club steadily growing and increasing in numbers.  As previously mentioned this was the clubs first attempt at running a tournament, and it was a huge success by the looks of it.  Granted numbers are quite limited due to the size of their venue but they had something like 24 eager 40Kers battling away for the top prize, it was looking like the Necrons would prove victorious when I had to leave, about half way through the last game.

The club are looking to do more tournaments in the future, with a WFB event planned for later in the year and possibly 40K and LotR doubles in the near future, more on that later.  I asked one of the committee to write up an 'after action' report on the day and send it and a few pictures and this will be featured in either the next GCN newsletter or in one of the monthly 'shout outs', so keep an eye out for that, this may well spur other clubs into sending in battle reports or event reports.  We are eager to feature what our member clubs have been doing as well as advertise and promote their events throughout the network.

A big thanks to all the members of Steel City Wargamers for the invite and making me feel so welcome.

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