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Thursday, 28 November 2013

GCN discount and Westwind Production news.

Hello member clubs!
Some news and updates for you!
GCN Discount codes.
We currently have three companies offering 20% discount to fully registered GCN clubs.  The discounts are with Warlord Games, 4Ground and The Outpost.  Discount is available via the companies web stores and a code has to be entered on the checkout/payment pages in the box provided.  How cool I is that!
How do you get the codes you ask, well that is a very good question.  You need to contact me directly and I will send you the codes, its as simple as that.  Providing that your club is fully compliant I will send you the codes with 24/48 hours of your request. 
The codes are not available elsewhere, you have to come directly to me for them, in most cases we are not printing them and they are not going to appear in the newsletters, on Facebook etc etc as we do not want the system abusing.  One thing I will ask you though, please do not share any of the discount codes with persons outside of your club, this is one of the benefits of your club being GCN registered. 
The previous Warlord Games discount code had been seriously abused over the last year or so by people and clubs with no connection or affiliation to any GCN club.  The code had obviously been mentioned outside of a number of GCN registered clubs to get 'mates' discount, and from there passed on again and again.  We want to avoid that situation from reoccurring again in the future to Warlord Games and the other companies offering GCN member clubs a discount.  If the system is abused we are in danger of the discounts being withdrawn completely.
Keep an eye out for future discounts with other companies, we potentially have two more promotions in the pipeline for the new year! News will be announced in the newsletter, on the GCN web site and the GCN Facebook page.
Westwind Productions.
I thought that I would update you all on the latest news from Westwind Productions and their association with the GCN.  Well there is some good news and there is some bad news, lets start with the bad news first.
Westwind have discontinued the 'Empire of the Dead' club starter pack promotion with immediate effect, and as such those sets are no longer available.
However its not all doom and gloom as there is some good news too, I was speaking to Wendy Cooper from Westind Productions on the phone on Monday and Westind want to look at doing a whole new GCN club promotion in 2014.  As to what the promotion will has not been finalised yet, rest assured that as soon as we know what its going to be we will announce the news through the usual sources!
In the meantime Wendy and Andy at Westwind have asked me to send out the following information regards their new War & Empire 15mm Ancient Kick-starter that is currently live, please see the information below.
That's all from me for now, have a great Christmas and New Year!
Anthony Barnes
GCN President.
Hi to all Club Members!
West Wind/Forged in Battle have just gone live to Kickstarter with a great new project!  The Kickstarter is running now until Friday 20th December.
You can see a preview of the project here:-
Covering the Macedonian & Punic Wars, this is an ambitious project and we hope to put over 100 new products into development.
Plus we have the War & Empire Rulebook, siege equipment, city walls, towers and gatehouses, not to mention villages, marching camps and lots more!
The best place for news on this project is our Facebook page.  Like us on Facebook to receive up to date info as it unfolds.
Initially there are six armies unlocked to choose from:-
Gallic Army/British Celts
Republican Roman, Punic Wars
If the project goes well, we plan to unlock these:- (not in this order)
Thracian, Illyrian & Getic
Early Hoplite Greek
Early Achaemenid Persian
Late Achaemenid Persian
Classical Indian
Later Hoplite Greek
Macedonian Successors & Hellenistic Armies
Later Seleucid
Republican Roman, Later (Caesar’s Gallic Wars)
Spread the news, tell all your friends and become a backer today!
Andy Cooper
Managing & Creative Director
West Wind Productions
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