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Thursday, 9 June 2011

GCN Shout

We have had an update that was received “just” after the SHOUT went out
The event is to good to miss off so we are issuing the this Special SHOUT
Thrudball, a not-for-profit Thrud-the-Barbarian themed Bloodbowl tournament in aid of the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation in Bognor Regis.
Entry is £30 NAF / £36 Non NAF including food both days(you can camp at the venue),
As well as 6 rounds of TR120 Bloodbowl there are Thrud Themed Awards and (perhaps) trophies,
A charity Auction with many unique and superb items available, a Wandering Thrud for the non competitive teams giving the opportunity to win FREE "Thrudweizer",
Dockdowl (all-at-sea Bloodbowl) for the bottom four teams,
Evening entertainment including "Most Thrudlike" Talent Contest,
Sponsored Bush Tucker Trial and Make-Frank-Suffer Projectile Weapon "Threndurance" Challenges,
A Game Show called "the Wide Zone" which for litigatory purposes I must reiterate is NOTHING like "the Cube",
The Thrud Gurning Championships, Bloodbowl themed Drinking Games and basically more fun than you can swing an axe at!!
see www.thrudball.com for more details or contact badger via the GCN or NAF sites / Giraffe via talkfantasyfootball...

Shout June


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