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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Flames of War Official European Grand Tournament.

I am finally able to post information on the first official FoW GT held by Battlefront Miniatures.

The Official Flames of War European Grand Tournament will be held on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th September 2011.

The venue is the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham.

'This 'open' tourney invites Late War Flames Of War gamers from across Europe (and beyond) to take part in two days of battling for the coveted title of 'European Flames Of War Champion'. All results from the competition will be given to HQ Rankings to give us a starting point from which to take the official European FOW tournament scene forward.'

'Residential packages will be available for the weekend, enabling participants to take full advantage of the facilities on offer at one of Nottingham's premier conference centres. Bed, breakfast, lunch and evening meals will be provided, as well as a range of post-gaming activities to keep FOW enthusiasts entertained into the night. Day passes will also be available for non-residence.'

'As well as the tabletop action, the event will also play host to the European Iron Cross Painting Competition, so make sure you bring the best painted minis from your collection along to wow the judges into parting with the various awards on offer for the best painted figures.'

Tickets cost:
£55.00 for event ticket only.
£95.00 for event ticket with accommodation & breakfast included for Saturday.
£135.00 for event ticket with accommodation & breakfast included for Friday and Saturday.

All tickets include lunch on both Saturday and Sunday and an evening meal on Saturday.

Five games using 1750 points of Late War period models, set over two days using five different scenarios, cabinets for display, a chance to purchase a 'limited edition' FoW Indianna Jones (From Raiders of the Lost Ark) set, trade stands and more. Add in the fun and games set for the Saturday evening should make this an unforgettable weekend.

Full advertising of the event from issue 285 of Wargames Illustrated and on the Battlefront Miniatures web site, http://www.flamesofwar.com/ click on the 'community section', then 'events', click on 'Upcoming events in the UK', then scroll down the diary dates.

Add this event to your diary now as this FoW GT is likely to be sold out quite quickly.


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