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Monday, 1 August 2011

Iron Cross painting competition @ Official Flames of War European Grand Tournament .

The weekend of the 3rd - 4th of September sees the first Official Flames of War European Grand Tournament taking place at Nottingham University. With places for 120 gamers this event will be the largest tournament for Flames of War in the World so far. However this is not just a tournament, we will also be holding the first European Iron Cross Painting competition, and a display featuring some of the upcoming releases for Flames of War and a ‘sneak peak’ look at some other exciting forthcoming projects.

Places for the GT are going fast, however we do still have a few tickets remaining if you are interested and want to test your tactical genius against other gamers.
Tickets are available through the web store on the following link:

Or if you think you can wield your paint brush like a true master, then why not bring along your best painted Flames of War miniatures and enter the Iron Cross painting competition, a list of categories can be found on this link:
If you find yourself in Nottingham and at a loose end or are looking for something to do over the weekend of the 3rd – 4th September, then why not pop over and have a look at the tournament and the all the other cool stuff we have going on.
If you have any questions or want some more information then contact Gareth at Battlefront Miniatures: gareth.richards@battlefront.co.nz
We look forward to seeing you over the weekend.


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