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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Out and about at show's and event's pt 2 Partizan.

Well that's three weekends down for my attending events and show's, just one more to go next weekend in this batch at Wales Comicon in Wrexhan North Wales, more about that event next week though.

Sunday 29th May saw me at the first of the years two Partizan show's held at Kelaham Hall in Newark, Nottinghamshire, the same venue as GCN/COGS holds their Hammerhead show.

I was at Partizan running a Flames of War demo game with the assistance of Martin one of my fellow COGS members who came along to help me out. The Partizan show hosted by Newark Irregulars is more a historical based gaming show than our own Hammerhead show, however its still a great show to attend and I have been going to this show for many years now.

Martin and myself arrived at Kelham around 8.15am to assist Matt from Wargames Inc to get all his stock in the building and set up ready for opening time and to get the game set up and ready of course. I had time for a quick look around the show before opening and so Martin and myself headed off to the bar to get our complimentary cup of coffee and a bacon roll for breakfast.

While we were over on that side of the building we took the liberty to look around the dome at some of the traders who had finished their set up. Which meant that money had to be handed over, well it would not be a proper war games show unless you spend money before all the paying visitors get there. I ended up buying two nice 15mm western European buildings from 'Hovels', and then sucummbed to a painted pack of 15mm river sections along with some loose curved and additional sections to go with the pack from 'Coritani', did my purchases stop there, not at all, as I also managed to come away with a pack and additional loose sections of 15mm road, although this time I went for the unpainted versions as I considered the road on the painted versions just too dark for my personal taste, granted it had the benefit of saving my money, but I now have about six feet of road to paint up.

Also purchased were two bottles of Valajo acrylic paint as I was getting low on a couple of colours, and I just had to buy a few more blisters of Mid/Late war FoW German Tank Hunters to fill the gaps in my army list. This time I went for three Marder 2s and two Marder 3Ms, now apart from some aircraft this is definitely my last German army purchase, mind you I said that last month too!

While we were still setting up the game just before 10.00am Dave Wilkin from the GCN Bedford Gladiators club came and said hello, that was nice surprise, we only had time for a brief chat but it was nice to see Dave once again.

We got the first game rolling for 10.30am and soon had a couple of attendees wanting to try out the game. We were doing a scenario set late war with about 900 points per side. Martin was using models supplied by Matt, a British tank company with a selection of platoons made up of Sherman Vs, Sherman Firefly's and Universal carriers. I was fielding a German tank company made up of platoons of Panzer 4s, Stug Gs, an armoured Grenadier platoon and a pair of 3.7cm AA guns.

All in all a good set of games, we had about eight people play in total up to about 2.00pm when it went really quiet, I even managed to get Andy Joyce, recently ex Games Workshop events manager, who had popped in to say hello, to play one round using my Germans.

We had another wander around the show after we stopped playing around 2.15/2.30pm, it had gone quite all over the venue by this point unfortunately, we did manage to go and look at the stalls we missed earlier in the day, but thankfully for my wallet no other purchases were made.

All in all a good show as it always is, however it did seem very quite at times and the attendance was not as high as I have seen at previous Partizan show's, mind you saying that Triples in Sheffield last weekend seemed a bit low on attendance too, obviously the state of the economy is taking its toll as people just don't have the spare cash to go to all the show's that they may have once attended. Never the less, Partizan is well worth a visit if you have never been to one before.

More from me next week as I report in about my trip to Wrexham to put on a Lord of the Rings SBG game at that event.


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