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Thursday, 31 January 2013

First new clubs of 2013 joining the network.

I have the pleasure to announce that we have seven new clubs joining our ranks for January 2013.

This now brings the total number of registered clubs in the network to 113!  However we are set for a load more new clubs to be registered by the end of February.  Great news indeed. 

Exmouth Imperial Wargames Club, from Exmouth in Devon.
Heart of Pargon, from Exeter in Devon.
Hillingdon Wargaming Club, based in Uxbridge, Middlesex.
Redditch Wargaming Society, from Redditch in Worcestershire.
South Downs Siegebreakers, from Storrington, West Sussex.
St Anns Garrison RPG, from Kings Lynn, Norfolk
Wantage Area Wargaming Association, from Wantage in Oxfordshire.

Please join me in welcoming all the new clubs into the network.

Not sure if you have seen the new Jan 2013 GCN newsletter and the brand new 2013 GCN Club Guide that have been uploaded to our Scribd account, if not go and have a read a full 23 pages in the newsletter, its keeping Chris really busy putting these issues together, and there is some really fantastic news of another great GCN free club promotion from Mantic Games in the new club guide.

Happy Gaming.

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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Good evening

The GCN has acquired 2 tickets to MiniCon 2013


Run by GCN club members

IT get you hand on this we will be sending a Special GCN - "SHOUT" out.

It will have a reference code and email address.

reply to the address with this code and a winner will be randomly selected from them.

PLEASE make sure that you are registered to receive this email and have signed up to it



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