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All of the details below enable you to contact the member of the GCN council who you feel ca help you the most with your enquiry. Please don't hesitate to contact any of the members of the GCN council with any relevant requests.

Anthony Barnes
GCN President


Laurie Stewart
GCN Vice President
Tel: 01405 860653
Mob: 07810 157631
Steve Nolan
GCN Treasurer
Tel: 01132 250461
Mob: 07793 198516

Dan Currey
Promotions and Information Officer
(Primary GCN contact for non member clubs)


Stuart Mackaness
Club Co-ordinator
 email: stuart.mackaness@gamingclubnetwork.co.uk


Ross Pemble

Tel: 01405 449025
Mob: 07798 606397


Martyn Gough said...

This page needs updating

Newmarket Knights said...

Does anyone know who used to maintain this?

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