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Sunday, 8 December 2013

New GCN regisrteterd clubs.

I am a little late in posting the new clubs blog, unfortunately down to personal reasons.

Anyway moving on, we have three new clubs joining our ever expanding network, the new clubs are:

Hitchin Heretics Wargaming Club, based in Hitchin in Hertfordshire.
Kettering Games Club, from Kettering in Northamptonshire.
Portal Wargaming, who hail from Burton-on-Trent in Staffordshire.

Please join me in welcoming all the new clubs into the network.

Hopefully Santa, (yes he really does exist) will bring you all manner of gaming goodies

So from everyone in the GCN may I take this opportunity to wish you all the best, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, see you in 2014!

Anthony Barnes
GCN President
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Thursday, 28 November 2013

GCN discount and Westwind Production news.

Hello member clubs!
Some news and updates for you!
GCN Discount codes.
We currently have three companies offering 20% discount to fully registered GCN clubs.  The discounts are with Warlord Games, 4Ground and The Outpost.  Discount is available via the companies web stores and a code has to be entered on the checkout/payment pages in the box provided.  How cool I is that!
How do you get the codes you ask, well that is a very good question.  You need to contact me directly and I will send you the codes, its as simple as that.  Providing that your club is fully compliant I will send you the codes with 24/48 hours of your request. 
The codes are not available elsewhere, you have to come directly to me for them, in most cases we are not printing them and they are not going to appear in the newsletters, on Facebook etc etc as we do not want the system abusing.  One thing I will ask you though, please do not share any of the discount codes with persons outside of your club, this is one of the benefits of your club being GCN registered. 
The previous Warlord Games discount code had been seriously abused over the last year or so by people and clubs with no connection or affiliation to any GCN club.  The code had obviously been mentioned outside of a number of GCN registered clubs to get 'mates' discount, and from there passed on again and again.  We want to avoid that situation from reoccurring again in the future to Warlord Games and the other companies offering GCN member clubs a discount.  If the system is abused we are in danger of the discounts being withdrawn completely.
Keep an eye out for future discounts with other companies, we potentially have two more promotions in the pipeline for the new year! News will be announced in the newsletter, on the GCN web site and the GCN Facebook page.
Westwind Productions.
I thought that I would update you all on the latest news from Westwind Productions and their association with the GCN.  Well there is some good news and there is some bad news, lets start with the bad news first.
Westwind have discontinued the 'Empire of the Dead' club starter pack promotion with immediate effect, and as such those sets are no longer available.
However its not all doom and gloom as there is some good news too, I was speaking to Wendy Cooper from Westind Productions on the phone on Monday and Westind want to look at doing a whole new GCN club promotion in 2014.  As to what the promotion will has not been finalised yet, rest assured that as soon as we know what its going to be we will announce the news through the usual sources!
In the meantime Wendy and Andy at Westwind have asked me to send out the following information regards their new War & Empire 15mm Ancient Kick-starter that is currently live, please see the information below.
That's all from me for now, have a great Christmas and New Year!
Anthony Barnes
GCN President.
Hi to all Club Members!
West Wind/Forged in Battle have just gone live to Kickstarter with a great new project!  The Kickstarter is running now until Friday 20th December.
You can see a preview of the project here:-
Covering the Macedonian & Punic Wars, this is an ambitious project and we hope to put over 100 new products into development.
Plus we have the War & Empire Rulebook, siege equipment, city walls, towers and gatehouses, not to mention villages, marching camps and lots more!
The best place for news on this project is our Facebook page.  Like us on Facebook to receive up to date info as it unfolds.
Initially there are six armies unlocked to choose from:-
Gallic Army/British Celts
Republican Roman, Punic Wars
If the project goes well, we plan to unlock these:- (not in this order)
Thracian, Illyrian & Getic
Early Hoplite Greek
Early Achaemenid Persian
Late Achaemenid Persian
Classical Indian
Later Hoplite Greek
Macedonian Successors & Hellenistic Armies
Later Seleucid
Republican Roman, Later (Caesar’s Gallic Wars)
Spread the news, tell all your friends and become a backer today!
Andy Cooper
Managing & Creative Director
West Wind Productions
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Thursday, 31 October 2013

GCN registerd clubs for October.

What we should have here is a Drum Roll and a Trumpet Fanfare!

Why is that you ask, well I will tell you, the GCN has reached 150 clubs!  yes 150 clubs, something to shout about and be really proud of I think!

Actually it should be 152 clubs, unfortunately two of our existing clubs have had to cease operating and now no longer meet!  So I will take this opportunity to wish all the members of those club best wishes foe the future and hopefully they can find an outlet for their gaming activities.

However I am currently in the process of dealing with several other applications so we might be well on the way to 160 clubs before the years end!

New clubs to the GCN this month are scattered about quite a bit around England Wales and Northern Ireland!

We have five new clubs joining us this month!

Apocalypse Wargaming Club are based in Bristol.
Derby Dice 'N' Dagger are based in Derby, obviously.
Warborne Games club, are located in Wimborne in Dorset.
Mid Wales Wargaming Society, hail from Builth Wells in Wales.
Hangar 18 Wargaming, are based in Londonderry in Northern Ireland.

Please join me in welcoming all five new clubs into the GCN, hopefully we will be seeing and hearing more from them in the future.

Another point of good news to mention is that we have two new volunteers to be GCN area representatives!

Byron Liles from The Crow Valley Crusaders club in South Wales, and Lee Barber from the Bolton & Bury Gaming Club. 

Also don't forget its the GCN AGM this coming Saturday at Warhammer World, meeting starts at 10.30am in 'The Moot', meeting up in Bagman's Bar from 9.30am onwards.  Hopefully be seeing some of you there.

Happy gaming.

Anthony Barnes.

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Thursday, 17 October 2013

October 2013 GCN Newsletter released.

The latest Gaming Club News magazine is ready to rock and roll with over 50 pages........

It can be viewed, readcast or downloaded at the following Scribd link.

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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

New clubs for September

Two new clubs joining the network for September.

Chesterfield Realms of War, (
CROW), based in Chesterfield.
Angus Wargames Club, from Forfar in Scotland.

Please join me in welcoming both the new clubs into the GCN.

Happy Gaming

Anthony Barnes
GCN president.
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Friday, 27 September 2013

Urgent PLI reminder.

Attention all clubs.
Please note that your clubs PLI, (Public Liability Insurance), cover runs out on Sunday 29th September at midnight!
Take note that your club might not be covered from Monday unless you send us payment immediately.

Please also bear in mind it could potentially take us a couple of weeks or possibly more to get your clubs PLI activated on the 2013/2014 schedule if you have missed the deadline.  We cannot organise your clubs PLI cover until we have been sent payment.

Can all clubs who have not as yet sent us their PLI or Annual subscription payments please do so ASAP.
If your club has already sent us your payment for PLI cover and /or the Annual Subscription, thank you very much for being prompt, and as such please ignore this message.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
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Thursday, 5 September 2013

E-mail problems.

Just to let you know that I am currently experiencing technical problems with my e-mail account.

I am aware that some of you might have had multiple messages from the GCN over the last 24 hours.

Chris Hall sent out a message to clubs yesterday on my behalf, it would appear that 'gremlins' have got into both Chris' and my own systems, which resulted in Chris having to resend the messages.

In my case last night and this morning, my Outlook Express is telling me that a message cannot be sent, so to make sure the message has actually been sent I am composing a new e-mail and sending it through my on-line BT account.

However despite Outlook telling me it cannot send the message, its actually sending two or more copies, (in one case 17 message were sent to one club last night).

I can only apologise for this situation and hopefully everything will be resolved shortly.

Anthony Barnes.

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2013/2014 PLI/Annual Subscriptions are due.

Hello to all the clubs in the network.
Its that time of year for your club to update your contact & committee details using the new updated annual return forms (which your club should have now recieved by e-mail), and to pay your clubs PLI or annual subscription. 
PLI, please use this message as a reminder that your clubs PLI, (if your club has PLI through the GCN that is), is due for renewal at the end of this month, your PLI cover runs out on the 30th September, please make sure that we receive your payment by that date
Some good news on the PLI cost, the cost for 2013/2014 is £89.00, only about pound more expensive than last years, so that is great news in these times of financial hardships.  If your club does not have PLI through the GCN, then use this message as a reminder that the annual subscription of £20 is due at the end of the month.
How to pay: You can send a cheque or crossed postal order payable to 'The Gaming Club Network' to me at the address shown on page 2 of the GCN Annual Return.  Make sure that you include your clubs name so we know who has sent us a payment, otherwise we cannot bank the cheque.
Or, I can accept payment by Paypal on behalf of the GCN. My Paypal account is: awb1@btinternet.com
However please note that to make payment for PLI by Paypal you will need to add £3.50 to cover the Paypal fees (making a total of £92.50), or send it to us as a Gift, so we do not get charged the fees. 
If you are just paying the annual subscription either send as gift or add £1.00 to cover the fees.  Please make sure that you include a club name on the payment so I know which club its come from.
Annual return, please fill in and return to me at the postal address indicated on the second page of the form, however you can scan and e-mail me the annual return/poll if that is easier.  Please note that if you have had an AGM and your committee/venue/club contact details have changed, we need to know so that we do not lose contact with your club.
Along with the annual return, I have also included a Club Poll/Review document, we are looking at what clubs are playing to pass onto our partner companies.  Using this information we may be able to offer clubs in the network further offers and promotions like the current Warlord Games offer.  If your club is unaware of the current fabulous promotions from Warlord Games, Mantic Games and Westwind Productions, then for some reason you have either not seen or read the newsletters we sent out over the last year. However do not despair, if you have not seen the promotion then get in touch with me, my email address is in this message and on the annual return and I send you information how to take up the offers.
New clubs in the network, if your club has sent me a full application since late March 2013, you do need to fill out and send this annual return one back, unless any of your details have changed.  However, I would request that you contact me so that I can check that all communication is working efficiently. 
Exemptions, if for what ever reason we have agreed to Waive the annual subscription for your club, please just get in touch with me so I know communication is working, we are not asking for any payment from your club in this message.
All correspondence related to this message should be sent to me, or if there is anything that you are not sure about then please feel free to get in touch.  awb1@btinternet.com
I very much look forward to hearing back from all of you in due course.
Very best regards
Anthony Barnes
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New clubs for August

I have the pleasure to announce that we have three new clubs joining the network this month, this brings our total number of clubs up to 145!

New GCN registered clubs for August.

Bradford Battle Forge, from East Bowling in Bradford.
Rogue Gamers from Greasbrough in Rotherham.
Worlds Away-Bournemouth Library Gaming Club

Please join me in welcoming all the new clubs into the GCN.

Happy Gaming

Anthony Barnes
GCN president.
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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

South Yorkshire Dice Devils Host Warmachine/Hordes Regional Open Tournament.

As the title of the post say's the South Yorkshire Dice Devils GCN club as set to host, what we hope will be the first of many Open Tournaments for Warmachine/Hordes in our region, South Yorkshire and North East Midlands.

A word or two from the SYDD themselves...

'Most gamers will have heard of  heard of Warmachine and Hordes from Privateer Press, quite a few of our club members play the systems, however, the club has gone one step further. SYDD have about of 8-10 Warmachine/Hordes players and we wanted to give the group another level to play to.

We contacted Privateer Press in America to see about SYDD becoming an 'accredited' club for them, so when we run tournaments we can post them on the Privateer Press website to promote the event, but also if anyone else wanted to run tournaments they could use our facilities to do so and could also use us via Privateer Press also.  We sent details over in the size of facility and some information on what we are playing and they thought the idea had merit. so much so, that we are now one of a select few clubs that are accredited with Privateer Press.

So if you have a tournament in Warmachine/Hordes or any other PP games get in touch and we will try to help.

SYDD are looking at running an open  tournament in October,  please see details below, if you fancy taking part, please get in touch and let us know'.

Happy wargaming
Rob West - Chairman of South Yorkshire Dice Devils

Warmachine/Hordes Open Tournament

Date: 12/10/13
Location: SYDD club at Bramley WMC, near Rotherham, just off M18 J1.
Time: 9.30am until 6.00pm - 1.5 hours per game.
Cost: £10.00 per person, a £5 deposit would be required
Armies: 2 x 35pt lists of the same faction. You cannot have any character jack, named units or solos in both lists. Both lists will need to be played twice over the four games. Top 4 Will play a fifth scenario and can choose which of the 2 lists they can use.
Scenarios: we have developed 6 of our own scenarios for the players to play.
Awards: random awards will be given during the tournament but top 4 will all get prizes.

For more details or to register your interest, please contact SYDD, sydicedevils@hotmail.com
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Thursday, 22 August 2013

GMS Magazine has a Salute Video which includes a piece on the GCN.

While at Salute in April I was approached on the GCN stand to do an interview for GMS Magazine, I had completely forgotten all about it until looking at the new video's they had uploaded about UK Games Expo, so I have included a link to their web site, and to the page with the Salute video.

Go and have a look, its an interesting look at Salute from an outsiders point of view.


GMS Magazine,
G*M*S Magazine in their words:

'Is here to bring you news and articles on your favourite games and game miscellanea'.
First impressions count a lot in everything, and the way we do our reviews is by reading the book, or playing the game for the first time and letting you know what we think about it. That way you’ll know exactly what to expect when you open the game and play it at home.

G*M*S Magazine is made by the people who read it. We don’t have staff, we don’t have employees or employers and we don’t have a company telling us what we can publish or not.

We would like to become the number one source of gaming information and to do that we need your help. Register and start posting away. The magazine is pretty much unmoderated, so as long as you’re polite and respectful, your articles will be published.

Do you have news to tell us?
Contact us and send us an email to submissions@gmsmagazine.com
Items we’re looking for are:
Are you a publisher, an indie developer, a writer? Have you created a product you want to tell the world about? This is your place. Let us know what you have done and we will tell the rest of the world for you!
Did you like it? Was it a waste of money? Let others know.
Do you know anything you think everyone else should know? Don’t let it remain unknown. We will tell people for you!
Subjects we want to cover are:
Role Playing Games, Board Games, Wargames, CCG’s of any kind.
Also books related to, or based on, any of the above categories.
Remember this magazine is for you, and it needs you to be the best it can be.
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Monday, 12 August 2013

New clubs joining the network.

Its been relatively quiet on the club front with regards to new clubs joining the network through May, June and July.

To be honest I had fully expected our numbers to reach 150 clubs and even go beyond that number by late May, given the fact that I sent out so many application forms from mid Feb through April and early May, but for one reason or another its been very quiet.

However I have the pleasure to announce that we have four new clubs joining the network, this brings our total number of clubs up to 142!

New clubs for August.

East Coast Wargamers based in Lowestoft, Suffolk.
North London Wargames Group, based in Cheshunt.
Sarge of Doncaster Wargames Club, hailing from Doncaster, South Yorkshire.
3rd Floor Gamers, based in Chesterfield.

Please join me in welcoming all the new clubs into the GCN.

Happy Gaming

Anthony Barnes
GCN president.
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Friday, 31 May 2013

New clubs joining the network in May.

We have five new clubs joining the network this month, in no particular order these are:
Warp Storm Combat, based in Norwich, Norfolk.
Wargames Association of Reading.
The Putney Minutiae Militia, from London.
Hydra Gaming Club, based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
2 Guys 1 Paintpot, based in Sterling in Scotland.
So please join with me in welcoming all the new clubs into the GCN.
Happy gaming.
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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

New registered clubs for April

I have the pleasure to announce that we have FIVE new clubs joining our ranks for April 2013.

This now brings the total number of fully registered clubs in the network to 134!  We are slowly creeping up to the 140 mark, which all being well will be this time next month!

However its looking like we are set for a big influx of new clubs in the coming months.  I am already dealing with club numbers 135-138, (and beyond when they get back to me), I am still hoping that we will be able to exceed 150 registered clubs by June! Which will be fantastic news for the network!

Please join me in welcoming all the new clubs into the network.

Manchester Area Wargames Society, based in Walkden, Manchester.
Poole Gaming Club, form Poole in Dorset.
Retford Wargaming Club, in North Nottinghameshire.
Wargamers of Wolverhampton.
Thurso High School Wargames Club, hailing form Thurso in Caithness, apparently this club is as far north as you can go in the UK without ending up in the sea!

Its great to have you all on board!

Happy Gaming.

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Saturday, 30 March 2013

More news from the GCN.

Some fantastic news for April, we have a brand new free club promotion from Westwind Productions!

Not only do we have the Warlord Games club packs, (Warlord Games told me this week that they had sent out around 30 starter sets to clubs in the last few weeks!), we had the Mantic Games promotion start a couple of months ago, (lots of GCN clubs are now playing Dreadball by all accounts), and now we have the Westwind production 'Empire of the Dead' free club promotions which goes live on April 1st!

How good is that, there is now plenty of opportunity for your club to try other games that might not have appealed to you before for various reasons. See the March newsletter for more information, the advert will also be in the April printing of the 2013 GCN Club Guide, which will be out in a couple of weeks time.

The March newsletter is out, not sure if you have seen it yet, its packed full of news and information again, if you have not seen it yet then please use the link below:

In other news, the aforementioned April edition of the GCN Guide will be going to the printers shortly.  The Spring/Summer edition has 8 more pages than the Jan edition and another 4 pages in full colour.  So keep an eye out for the new guide which will be uploaded to our Scribd page later next week.

We have a new 'Area Representative' in the network, Adam Kula from the Steel City Wargamers club based in Sheffield, Adam will be the area rep for South Yorkshire.

Speaking of area reps, we need more volunteers, the more reps we can get the more we can get regional tournaments and inter club gaming going.  Do you feel you can step up and look after your local area clubs and represent the GCN in your region.  Please get in touch and let us know if you are interested and we can organise a chat.

Happy gaming and Happy Easter.

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New clubs in the network for March

I have the pleasure to announce that we have SIX new clubs joining our ranks for March 2013.

This now brings the total number of fully registered clubs in the network to 129!

However we are set for a big increase and more new clubs to be registered in the coming months.  I am already dealing with club number 135 and beyond, I am hoping that we will be able to exceed 150 registered clubs by June! Which will be fantastic news for the network!

Please join me in welcoming all the new clubs into the network.

BattleUX Games Club from Uxbridge in Middlesex.
Chiswick Gaming Club in London.
Fallen Angels from Sutton Coldfield.
Newbury & Reading Wargaming Society, from Berkshire.
7th Heaven Gamers based in Salisbury.
Towy Valley Tyrants from Camarthen in Wales.

Its great to have you all on board!

Happy Gaming.

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Thursday, 28 February 2013

New clubs in the network for Febuary 2013.

I have the pleasure to announce that we have TEN new clubs joining our ranks for February 2013.

This now brings the total number of registered clubs in the network to 123! 

However we are set for a load more new clubs to be registered by the end of March,  I am already dealing with numbers 129 and 130, I am hoping to be able to exceed the 135 club mark in April. 

Great news indeed. 

Please join me in welcoming all the new clubs into the network.

Ddraig Fach Gaming Club, from Mid Glamorgan in Wales.
Dicepocalypse, based in Bournmouth.
East Manchester Historical Games, from Hyde, Cheshire.
Elysium Wargames Society, based in Dundee.
Mailed Fist Wargames Group, from Hyde, Cheshire.
Norman Cross Crudsaders, hailing from Yaxley, Cambridgeshire.
Salisbury Legion Wargames, based in Salisbury Wiltshire.
South Yorkshire Dice Devil's, based in Bramley, Rotherham.
Wadhurst Wargamers & Roleplayers, hailing from Wadhurst, East Sussex.
Warlords of Walsall, Based in Walsall.

Its great to have you all on board!

Not sure if you have seen the new Feb 2013 GCN newsletter and the brand new 2013 GCN Club Guide that have been uploaded to our Scribd account, if not go and have a read a full 28, yes 28 pages in the newsletter, its keeping Chris really busy putting these issues together and I have double dared him to beat 28 pages, hopefully Chris is up to the challenge, however if your club has something to tell us or needs promoting, then let Chris know at the following address: gcn.news@hotmail.com

There is some really fantastic news of another great GCN free club promotion from Mantic Games in the new club guide. 

And finally, this time next month I will have news of yet another fantastic free club promotion that should get many clubs in the network really excited and frothing, more news on that to follow.....

Happy Gaming.

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Issue 5 newsletter, Feb 2013.

Issue 5 of the newsletter, Gaming Club News, February 2013 has been released, 28 pages packed full of information, news and articles, this is the biggest newsletter to date! 

Please use the link below to the file on scribd. 


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Wednesday, 13 February 2013







Hi Folks!


If you love 28mm Victorian Gothic Horror/Steampunk, you will love what we have lined up.


Empire of the Dead – Requiem, is our ambitious range of miniatures to expand Empire of the Dead, our ever popular 28mm Gothic Horror Steampunk tabletop miniatures game.


If we reach our goals via Kickstarter;


- we are aiming to add to Empire of the Dead with over 80 cracking new models.


- we will add 12 ingenious new Victorian machines, carriages, steam powered walkers and a Time Machine.


- you will discover a superb new faction, the first of many, and a cornucopia of new Victorian characters and monsters, to populate your darkly gothic Victorian world.


- there will be a great opportunity to get in early and snap up our generous, Early Bird Specials!


Empire of the Dead Kickstarter – Requiem, will go live this week -Thursday 14th February!


Check out the Project at www.kickstarter.com or visit your Club Facebook Page for further updates throughout the project.


We would love you to get involved and spread the word; the more support we have, the more we can do.  If you like what you see, please back us, but only if you want to!


Please do not hesitate to email through any questions or queries on the project to mail@westwindproductions.co.uk we will be very happy to keep you updated.


Thanks for listening to our news!


Kind regards


Andy Cooper


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Thursday, 31 January 2013

First new clubs of 2013 joining the network.

I have the pleasure to announce that we have seven new clubs joining our ranks for January 2013.

This now brings the total number of registered clubs in the network to 113!  However we are set for a load more new clubs to be registered by the end of February.  Great news indeed. 

Exmouth Imperial Wargames Club, from Exmouth in Devon.
Heart of Pargon, from Exeter in Devon.
Hillingdon Wargaming Club, based in Uxbridge, Middlesex.
Redditch Wargaming Society, from Redditch in Worcestershire.
South Downs Siegebreakers, from Storrington, West Sussex.
St Anns Garrison RPG, from Kings Lynn, Norfolk
Wantage Area Wargaming Association, from Wantage in Oxfordshire.

Please join me in welcoming all the new clubs into the network.

Not sure if you have seen the new Jan 2013 GCN newsletter and the brand new 2013 GCN Club Guide that have been uploaded to our Scribd account, if not go and have a read a full 23 pages in the newsletter, its keeping Chris really busy putting these issues together, and there is some really fantastic news of another great GCN free club promotion from Mantic Games in the new club guide.

Happy Gaming.

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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Good evening

The GCN has acquired 2 tickets to MiniCon 2013


Run by GCN club members

IT get you hand on this we will be sending a Special GCN - "SHOUT" out.

It will have a reference code and email address.

reply to the address with this code and a winner will be randomly selected from them.

PLEASE make sure that you are registered to receive this email and have signed up to it



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