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Thursday, 5 September 2013

2013/2014 PLI/Annual Subscriptions are due.

Hello to all the clubs in the network.
Its that time of year for your club to update your contact & committee details using the new updated annual return forms (which your club should have now recieved by e-mail), and to pay your clubs PLI or annual subscription. 
PLI, please use this message as a reminder that your clubs PLI, (if your club has PLI through the GCN that is), is due for renewal at the end of this month, your PLI cover runs out on the 30th September, please make sure that we receive your payment by that date
Some good news on the PLI cost, the cost for 2013/2014 is £89.00, only about pound more expensive than last years, so that is great news in these times of financial hardships.  If your club does not have PLI through the GCN, then use this message as a reminder that the annual subscription of £20 is due at the end of the month.
How to pay: You can send a cheque or crossed postal order payable to 'The Gaming Club Network' to me at the address shown on page 2 of the GCN Annual Return.  Make sure that you include your clubs name so we know who has sent us a payment, otherwise we cannot bank the cheque.
Or, I can accept payment by Paypal on behalf of the GCN. My Paypal account is: awb1@btinternet.com
However please note that to make payment for PLI by Paypal you will need to add £3.50 to cover the Paypal fees (making a total of £92.50), or send it to us as a Gift, so we do not get charged the fees. 
If you are just paying the annual subscription either send as gift or add £1.00 to cover the fees.  Please make sure that you include a club name on the payment so I know which club its come from.
Annual return, please fill in and return to me at the postal address indicated on the second page of the form, however you can scan and e-mail me the annual return/poll if that is easier.  Please note that if you have had an AGM and your committee/venue/club contact details have changed, we need to know so that we do not lose contact with your club.
Along with the annual return, I have also included a Club Poll/Review document, we are looking at what clubs are playing to pass onto our partner companies.  Using this information we may be able to offer clubs in the network further offers and promotions like the current Warlord Games offer.  If your club is unaware of the current fabulous promotions from Warlord Games, Mantic Games and Westwind Productions, then for some reason you have either not seen or read the newsletters we sent out over the last year. However do not despair, if you have not seen the promotion then get in touch with me, my email address is in this message and on the annual return and I send you information how to take up the offers.
New clubs in the network, if your club has sent me a full application since late March 2013, you do need to fill out and send this annual return one back, unless any of your details have changed.  However, I would request that you contact me so that I can check that all communication is working efficiently. 
Exemptions, if for what ever reason we have agreed to Waive the annual subscription for your club, please just get in touch with me so I know communication is working, we are not asking for any payment from your club in this message.
All correspondence related to this message should be sent to me, or if there is anything that you are not sure about then please feel free to get in touch.  awb1@btinternet.com
I very much look forward to hearing back from all of you in due course.
Very best regards
Anthony Barnes


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