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Thursday, 5 September 2013

E-mail problems.

Just to let you know that I am currently experiencing technical problems with my e-mail account.

I am aware that some of you might have had multiple messages from the GCN over the last 24 hours.

Chris Hall sent out a message to clubs yesterday on my behalf, it would appear that 'gremlins' have got into both Chris' and my own systems, which resulted in Chris having to resend the messages.

In my case last night and this morning, my Outlook Express is telling me that a message cannot be sent, so to make sure the message has actually been sent I am composing a new e-mail and sending it through my on-line BT account.

However despite Outlook telling me it cannot send the message, its actually sending two or more copies, (in one case 17 message were sent to one club last night).

I can only apologise for this situation and hopefully everything will be resolved shortly.

Anthony Barnes.


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