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Tuesday, 18 January 2011


The Gaming Club Network works with various partners to help achieve own six objectives. These partners provide the organisation with different types of support including gaming material, free entry to shows, and even meeting facilities for our council meetings.

Games Workshop

Games Workshop provide various benefits for our members and organisation including:
  • Free advertising for member clubs (and their events in GW systems) in Games Workshop's monthly magazine, White Dwarf; on their website; and in local Games Workshop stores.
  • The opportunity to participate in Games Workshop events such as Gamesday.
  • Games Workshop also kindly provide meeting facilities for GCN Council Members and support our work in the community.


Battlefront is the distributor for Flames of War in the UK. Presently they help us by supporting Flames of War events run by the GCN and our member clubs.
To learn more about our partner organisations, contact the GCN Council.


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