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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Child Protection

The Gaming Club Network aims to provide as safe an environment possible for all gamers especially for those members under the age of 16. To this end, the GCN has a Child Protection Policy to raise awareness of the issues and to define how infringements to the policy will be dealt with.

Even if a cub does not allow members under the age of 16 it is important to adopt the Child Protection Policy, for a number of good reasons.

Firstly, club members inevitably have children of their own and will want to bring them along to meetings even if they don.t take part; secondly, the club will want to take part in events that do involve younger hobbyists; finally, it is always good to be on the moral high ground, be aware of your civil responsibilities and be prepared to meet them.

Children are important and deserve the very best in whatever they do or wherever they go. This policy helps to make Gaming Clubs safer for younger hobbyists, and these same hobbyists will keep your favourites pastime alive for years to come.

The full Child Protection Policy is part of the GCN Document Pack which can be downloaded from here.


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