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Saturday, 1 December 2012

GCN Drop Box

A second piece of news for today.

I have the pleasure to announce that the GCN now has a Drop Box account.

This means that we have another source for our documents on-line as well as the GCN web site. However more importantly we will be using the Drop Box GCN folder to host all the Newsletters and Monthly Shout Outs.

So for future reference we will not have to send the ever expanding and much

larger (thanks to Chris Hall who is doing a fantastic job) pdf files in messages to clubs, we now only have to send out a link when we have a new publication to tell you all about.

Or even better, why not accept the drop Box invitation that is being sent out to all club contacts, by doing that we get a load more free space so that we can add more content to the folder and look at including photo's of events etc.

This should make life for all the clubs in the network, and the GCN council a lot easier for the future. All I ask of the club contact is to make sure that the rest of your club is given the link so that every member of your club can easily access the GCN folder and its contents.

Happy reading.



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