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Friday, 2 November 2012

New clubs in the network for October.

Special announcement time....

A drum roll if you please........

The Gaming Club Network has broken the 100 registered clubs mark! Yay!

We have 101 clubs registered as of the end of October, however I already have three other clubs ready to be registered for the November list.  I had set myself a target of trying to reach the 100 club mark by the end of 2012, so to do it by the end of October is great news, so hopefully I am now hoping to have in access of 110 clubs registered by the end of the year!

New clubs to the GCN:

Dark Worlds Gaming Society based in Fareham in Hampshire.
Lisburn Gaming Club based in Lisburn Northern Ireland.
Southampton Sluggaz based in Southampton.
Trinity Wargames Club based in Taunton Somerset.
York Wargames Society based in York, some of the clubs out there will realise that this is the club that host the Vapnartak show.

Please join me in wishing a warm welcome to all the new clubs in the network.

Happy gaming.


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