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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Official European Flames of War Grand Tournament - 2011.

The GCN council is pleased to announce that the network will be assisting Battlefront Miniatures in promoting, organising and running an official Flames of War grand tournament in 2011.
The tournament will be entitled, The Official European Flames of War Grand Tournament – 2011. This the very first official FoW GT is covering the Late War period. The date for the GT is set for the weekend of the 3rd and 4th September 2011 and will be held at the Nottingham university campus with accommodation on site.
The GT will comprise of five rounds, three games on Saturday, and two games on Sunday, lunch will be provided on both days and an evening meal on the Saturday, plus some light entertainment is being planned for the Saturday evening. In addition there will be a painting competition, exhibits and trade stands over the full weekend, more details of exactly what will be included over the GT weekend will be released when full conformation of the itinerary is ready.
Accommodation will be available on site at the university. A selection of ‘packages’ that include event tickets and accommodation will be made available when all details are confirmed. You will be able to purchase GT ticket only, GT ticket with accommodation for Saturday night, and GT ticket with accommodation for Friday and Saturday night. Ticket prices and types of ticket packages will be announced in due course.

The GCN has been asked to provide three referees for the event, as well as assist in preparing tables and scenery for the GT All volunteers assisting at the actual event will be provided accommodation, (if it is required) and lunch/evening meals by Battlefront Miniatures.

Keep an eye out for more news updates or amendments on the FoW GT on this web site, in Wargames Illustrated, and in the GCN monthly updates sent out by e-mail.




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